Ashley Brooke Designs 1 - New Year Survival Kit


New Year Survival Kit:

Okay so, it’s the first full week of 2016 and there is a LOT going on! You are back to work, school, and life, and OMG there is so much to do. Plus, you made all of these resolutions that you just MUST stick to… don’t worry I get it! So, here’s what I did: I put together a little 2016 survival kit; this should at least get you through January, you know, until those sugar cookie withdrawls subside.

Okay, so, here we go –


This year I resolve to:

Always be camera ready! – toss your powders, lipsticks, mascaras into an ABD Touch Ups Zip pouch and you’ll never miss a chance for a selfie. 

Travel to all the places! – never miss an opportunity to get up and go with our Going Places travel mug.

Drink more water! – friends, we have to–it’s a real thing. Getting all your H2Os is easier with our sassy Too Legit To Quit water bottle!

Never be late for a date! – being late is the WORST… in 2016 we are putting all our dates in one pretty place, Desk Calendar!

Organize all my brilliant ideas! – how in the world do we expect to invent the next Shamwow if we don’t write those ideas down?! Get it Together.


Okay, now there are absolutely NO excuses! You can do this! 2016 is totally your year! 


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