Let’s Write It Down! 

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t write it down I pretty much forget it in like 8.5 seconds. Also, I am a bit of a nut about organizing/documenting, so I write like, EVERYTHING down. You know that saying if you didn’t Instagram it, it didn’t happen? I feel that way about writing things down. If I didn’t write it down it will not and did not happen. #fact. I made every single on of our ABD list making tools for me and my desk, so I thought it was high time I finally shared with you what I use each and every different list making tool for! So here you go: the (ridiculous) science behind my list-making!


Ashley Brooke Designs - All The Secrets


All the Secrets: I use this one for my devotional/journal. I try to journal in it daily and write down my thoughts, prayers, successes, stories, and Bible Verse in this pretty little thing. This notebook is my favorite!


All The Things Notebook


All The Things: Ideas, Ideas, Ideas! I write good ideas, bad ideas, pretty much anything I think may be good to continue to flush out later when I am designing products. This one is full of the good, bad, and the ugly!


Get It Together Notebook - blog via Ashley Brooke Designs


Get It Together: This is my goal planning and big project keeper. BIG DREAMS go in this one!


Happy Thoughts Notepad


Brilliant Ideas: I keep this one on my desk for ideas that pop in my head throughout the day or ideas for an upcoming blog post”¦my short term idea list!


Brilliant ideas IMG_8937


Happy Thoughts: My daily task list and conference call master list! It’s packed full with the day’s to-do’s, its hot topic items, and its questions that I must find answers to that day.


How do you list?!



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  1. What do you use as your devotional every morning? Do you go through a devotional book or do you just read through your Bible? I’d love to know! Thanks 🙂

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