Online Shopping Tips & Tricks:

Over the past few weeks I’ve received similar questions about ordering online:

“This place is new to me”, “Is the sizing similar to J.Crew?”, “What’s the fabric like? I’m always concerned about quality”… Or “I’m nervous about ordering from a new place, is it worth it?!”

And to all of those questions I have answers!

But first of all, I’m right there with you. Ordering from a brand that you are unfamiliar with can be confusing, and honestly a little nerve wracking. No one wants to spend their hard earned money on something, wait daaaays for it to come in, only to be extremely disappointed in the fit or quality! There’s little more frustrating than an online shopping bust, especially when you are in a time crunch before an event or trip!

Since my job quite literally involves me online shopping weekly, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks that have made this experience way less frustrating and much more fruitful!

3 Things to Keep In Mind…

1) Get a Measuring Tape

This is a game changer, friends. I keep my measuring tape on my desk at all times and I always double check the measurements (bust, waist, hips) before I purchase… Especially when it’s from a new brand or an online shop like Reformation!

Along with this, always check your measurements against they brand’s “fit guide”. I have found that I may be a size 2 in some brands and a size 6 in others. If I just went by my “number” I would be returning things all. the. time. Checking my measurements with the retractable tape measure against the listed measurements has saved me a lot of heartache!

2) Check The Fabric/Care Details

One of my favorite new places to shop lately is Mango. I have found SO many fabulous things recently and truthfully it has become my go-to. But the one thing I ALWAYS check before ordering anything online is the fabric and care details.

One of the downfalls to online shopping is that you aren’t able to actually touch the fabric to know wether it is quality or not. So I always check, that way I know what I’m actually paying for and getting! The higher the percentage the fabric is of a natural fiber, the better the quality will be. But I also love a good rayon dress just as much as the next girl! Just know what you’re ordering when you order… that’s my motto!

3) What’s The Return Policy?

Do not pass go without knowing what the return policy is. I’ve been stuck with a box of ill fitting clothing more than once because I didn’t read the fine print, so let me just be clear. I READ EVERYTHING.

Another one of my favorite places is ShopBop, because their return policy couldn’t be any clearer or easier! I also set an alert on my calendar just in case I get carried away and forget. Because I’ll have a box of things that didn’t fit to return sitting next to my desk for a month without doing anything about it. I always need a little kick in the rear when it comes to remembering to drop a box off at the post office!


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  1. This post was AMAZING! I definitely do the same thing! Also I look at the care instructions. If it’s dry clean only or not. I definitely don’t want to start doing laundry and realize OH SHOOT I JUST RUINED THIS OUTFIT! Which rarely if ever happens.

    Also another silly question is – sometimes some of the darker clothing or dark jeans I order online from J crew, or LOFT or Shop Bop bleeds in my washing machine. Any suggestions on how to identify that when online shopping?

    Thanks for this post Ashley!

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