Our 18-Month-Old Essentials

We are in THE most fun stage…

We’ve officially entered into the toddlerhood stage, and oh my gosh, this stage is THE BEST. Laurens is a little over a year-and-a-half and he is full-on FUN from the second he wakes up until the second we sing our last lullaby… his little feet never stop moving! This stage, like every stage, has its challenges… but honestly there is so much joy! You can see his little brain working in real time and it’s wild. New words and concepts all day, every day, and his personality is just blooming in ways that constantly catch me off guard. We are getting to know him and it’s just so fun. I joke that he’s a human pep rally… he really does know how to bring the joy!

So this new stage has brought so many new things that we’ve fallen in love with that I wanted to share with you in case you also have a bouncing toddler on your hands. Truthfully, I thought I would be really sad to tuck away the baby things, but I feel like we’ve been soaking up each season really well, and these new little stages are just how they should be. I’m loving every season of this parent thing and I hope to continue to just enjoy the ride, look back fondly on the journey, but truly long for the now… and so far, so good!

Here are my newborn favorites, new mom favorites, 4 month favorites, 8 month favorites, 12 month favorites, outdoor favorites, sippy and smoothie cup favorites, and travel favorites. And a complete look at what’s inside my diaper bag and all about my baby stroller.

Also, I’m always updating my LTK page with all of his little outfits (boy clothes are so fun!) and our favorite books to read together.

Our 18-Month-Old Essentials

Toddler Helper Tower

Okay, so we bought this for Christmas and I have to tell you it is THE BEST THING EVER. Laurens absolutely loves standing at the counter with me baking, eating snacks, reading, everything! It also folds into a little table, which is perfect since we don’t have a ton of room for both. I love that this thing does it all! He’s almost completely given up sitting in his highchair in favor of standing. I really think he just loves being at our level and will play with his little toys just happy as a clam. This is the best thing in our home right now hands down. Oh, and if you are on the fence about the safety net, order it with the tower!

Toniebox Audio Player

I was on the fence about ordering the Toniebox Audio Player for Christmas wondering if 20-months was old enough, and well, it is. He *lives* for his Tonies and runs to it each morning. We adore both the songs to play but also the stories. My favorite is We’re Going On A Bear Hunt audiobook. Truly precious.

Sports & Wheels

We are big into football, baseball, soccer, basketball, and anything with wheels! He carries around his little football the most and begs to “go kick soccer ball” all day long. But also the wheels… our nanny got him this book for Christmas and it is his current favorite. I think we read it 65 times per day and also these Duplo Lego sets (we have this one and this one) are SO much fun!


Mostly though, we are into our guitar. I joke that house is a toddler version of Total Request Live (does anyone remember that show?!). It’s his most loved toy by a LONG shot. He will request, maybe 179 times per day, that you sing so that he can play. He prefers either Jingle Bells or Wheels on the Bus, but if you aren’t enthusiastic enough, you may be asked to start again! Ha! Our poor neighbors. We are fully our own little band over here.


We are still doing our smoothies in the morning (recipe here!) and we’ve graduated to this cup. It holds more and he’s no longer trying to pull out the straw! I actually just ordered two more so we can have them for water as well since he’s such a fan.


There are four different pairs of shoes we have on constant rotation: these Adidas sneakers, I love the fit (see on him here) and they are so easy to get on and off. These cream Crocs, they make me laugh every time I see them on him (see here!). These Salt Water sandals are by far the best and cutest (see here). And last but not least, these clogs (see here… SO CUTE)!


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