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How we keep things cozy outdoors…

We recently just put in all new landscape! We are talking front of the house, back of the house, grass, shrubs, irrigation, etc. This was a project that we have been planning for years and years, and honestly it has been one of the most fun projects we’ve done to date.

Since we live in Florida and are both “outside people,” our backyard is where we spend most of our days. From our morning cups of coffee, to midday snack breaks, and, of course, dinner under the twinkle lights (here’s how we did it), we try to spend as much time in the fresh air as possible. ESPECIALLY during the *good weather* Florida months.

Our Backyard Fire Pit

dress (similar here) // denim shirt // boots (similar here) // fire pit // chairs

So while drawing up our ideal backyard space before the big landscape renovation, Ryan was insistent on a fire pit. It was truly all he really wanted… I, on the other hand, was just pushing for pink flowers!

But now that our backyard is done, I have to tell you, the fire pit area is truly my favorite part. It’s downright COZY! So here’s how we chose (in our opinion) the best backyard fire pit

Tiki fire pit | Our Backyard Fire Pit

chairs // fire pit // dress // denim shirt // boots

After a ton of research, Ryan landed on this fire pit…

I always trust Ryan’s finds because he does hours worth of research before any purchase like this, and for days I’d hear him watching YouTube videos on fire pits… so trust me when I say this is the best backyard fire pit around. We also looked at this one, which was in the top running, but ended up going with the Tiki fire pit because of the ratings and overall aesthetic, which we really liked. And I’ve got to tell you, it was a *very* good purchase!

Outdoor fireplace


Favorite Finds

Shop tiki fire pit


Fire Pit

shop here

Teak Oversized Adirondack Chair with Cup Holder


Adirondack Chairs

shop here

Over the years, we’ve had little fire pits here and there that we’ve picked up at Target (for like $50) that worked great… until they didn’t. So we wanted to make sure we got something that was going to last. But we were also looking for a few key things that our new fire pit ended up having:

Low smoke

This was seriously important to me… especially since we live in a neighborhood!

Easy clean up

No one is interested in having one more thing to clean!

Wood burning

This fire pit can use both real wood and pellets, but after using the pellets the first night and experimenting with wood the second, we discovered we like using real wood better. But if you don’t want to smell like smoke (at all) and you want a HUGE fire, then the pellets are for you! The wood gave off a bit of smoke, but not as much as most fire pits, but the fire in our opinion was so much nicer.

Weather resistant

Here in Florida the humidity, constant rain, and heat will destroy pretty much anything that is outside. So we loved that this fire pit was powder coated steel and came with a cover.

best backyard fire pit

Anyway, ALL of that to say, the thing that I was least excited about during this project has now become the thing I love the most. We make fires a few nights a week now, and truly there is nothing sweeter than s’mores in your own backyard!

Photography by Sally Watson


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  1. This is a really nice looking fire pit and the low smoke is always a plus. I could see how this design could easily class up and backyard and help create tons of memories. Hope yall enjoy!

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