Our Bedroom Makeover, Including Before & Afters!

Our new favorite space!

I am so excited to finally share with you our updated bedroom. I can’t believe this day is *finally* here! For years this room has totally stumped me; it’s not very large, and we needed it to give us a lot: dresser space, a vanity space, and, of course, a bed! And for years, I had just totally given up.

But with our big renovations last year (floors, kitchen, and bathroom), it felt like it was time to make this space a little more put together!

Our Bedroom Makeover

Frontgate c/o: Bed // Dresser // Vanity // Vanity Mirror // Nightstands // Small Lamps // Nightstand Mirrors // Large Lamp // Woodland Giclée Prints // Rug

After years and years of not really knowing what to do with this space, it honestly feels so good to have this room together, and it all started with this bed.

At the beginning of last year, I was flipping through the latest Frontgate catalog, and came across this bed and thought, “now that’s something I love,” and from there, the plan started to form!

I ended up working with the Design Services team at Frontgate to put this room together, and I am so glad I did. After finding the bed, I figured another set of eyes on this space could possibly help me figure out a solution. Like I said before, we were asking A LOT out of this small room, and two brains are definitely better than one!

After meeting with the Frontgate Design Service team, sharing my pain points, along with photos, I felt like after years of frustration, we might be on to something! And a few days later, I had a rough draft of a plan!!

Before & After:

Below are a few before and after photos of the space. As you can see, we really didn’t have a lot going on here… and the room felt really dark, even though the photos don’t quite show it.

One of the solutions we had early on, which was actually Ryan’s idea, was to replace the dark sconces that shot light down, with lamps. AND to pair it with tall vertical mirrors… it instantly quadrupled the light in the space. BRILLIANT!

Another major problem in this room was the lack of style. Wow, there was none (like, why are those random speakers in there??!!)… but then we spotted these gorgeous art pieces, which ended up setting the tone for the entire room. They were neutral, but had pops of pale blush, green, and blue! From there, it was easy to find little accessories that complemented the art.

But THE BIGGEST issue of all was my vanity space. I *desperately* needed a better set up. And after searching high and low, we found this card table with drawers that actually fit perfectly on the other side of the room. If I could pair down my makeup, I could make this solution work! And you know what, it was far easier than I thought.

Our Bedroom Makeover - Frontgate canopy bed
Our Bedroom Makeover

Bed // Nightstands // Small Lamps // Nightstand Mirrors

The room ended up coming together so nicely. It’s bright, warm, and calming…. everything I was looking for! We still chat about painting the room or even wallpapering, but for now, it’s perfect.


Favorite Finds

Frontgate - Woodland Giclée Print Diptych on Linen


Woodland Giclée Print Diptych on Linen

Get the Look

Frontgate Raleigh Canopy Bed


Raleigh Canopy Bed

Get the Look

There are so many details I really love about this room, but my favorite has to be these night stands. They truly are so stunning in real life. Plus, they’re quite a bit bigger than our old night stand, which is GREAT for storage!

shop here:

Vanity // Vanity Mirror

And even though the nightstands are my favorite detail, this little vanity space has changed my mornings. It’s so tiny, but so lovely!

Bedroom Makeover Frontgate Design Services
Our Bedroom Makeover

Dresser // Large Lamp // Woodland Giclée Prints

One of the things I learned throughout this process, more than anything, is that sometimes you just need another set of eyes. When you’ve been living in the space for so long, and it’s always been set up one way, sometimes it’s really hard to see another way. So whether it’s a professional, a friend, or a neighbor… get someone else’s perspective! You might be surprised that the solution was there all along.

In Partnership with Frontgate

Photography by Sally Watson


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  1. Love your space. I’ve ordered the bed from FG and would like to know does the headboard upholstery go all the way to the frame? I’m thinking of using a thin profile 4” box spring, but concerned that gap will be present. Thank you in advance and bravo on your makeover.

  2. I love this and it has given me so many ideas- tall mirrors behind the lamps- brilliant! I desperately need a good curtain set up too- where did you get your long gold rod?

  3. Ashley, this is gorgeous! I love how the lamps and mirrors really opened up the space. There’s nothing like a beautiful, cozy bedroom. 🙂

    • Thank you Lynn for reading! This was a collaboration with a longtime partner, Frontgate! Hopefully this post provides inspiration, ideas, and tips on how tackle a bedroom design in a smaller space… at least that was my hope! Happy to help source ideas if you are looking for something in particular in a specific price point.

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