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Last week we snuck away to our family’s cabin nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains. It was honestly juuust what we needed. Both Ryan and I were getting overly antsy awaiting his PET scan that next Monday and, truthfully, we needed a good distraction. A secluded cabin in the mountains seemed like the perfect solution! Even though we never stopped thinking about upcoming scan, the change of scenery was so welcomed.

Thankfully (praise Jesus!!) the scan went overwhelmingly well (read more about that here), that the whole trip now feels like a dream. Honestly this whole week has felt like a dream. I don’t think either of us have had a chance to wrap our minds around or process the good news… we keep looking at each-other and saying “I can’t believe it!”  What a special week!

Highlights from the Trip

But, I didn’t want another day to go by without putting together a little diary of our time in Blue Ridge. I love these diary posts and find myself so drawn to doing more of them… old school blogging at its finest. I hope you love them too!

Also, Ryan and I have made a pact to make sure that we get one “frame-able” shot of the two of us on each of our adventures. Often we would come back from a trip and realize that we had zero photos together and be so disappointed! So now we make sure we nail at least one that we can put in a photo album for our kids.

We bought this remote control which is a total game changer. As long as we have it (and a tripod helps), no more asking strangers to take photos! We just use our nifty remote and click away. It’s a fun challenge and it always ends up being our favorite photo of the trip!

Blue Ridge Diary

The Cabin

While we were in Blue Ridge I received so many messages about our cabin so I thought I’d give you a little background!

My parents built this cabin back in 2005 as a getaway and second home for our family. We try to get up there at least a couple times a year and often spend Winter holidays nestled up by the fire. It’s such a special place. All of the art in the cabin is my dad’s and I helped design the furniture and spaces. I was in Interior Design School when my parents where going through the building process, so this cabin truly feels like home.

And yes! We do rent out the cabin throughout the year, here’s the information for those of you who are interested. It’s the PERFECT family getaway!


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This Dog

OMG. This dog. Y’all, she’s an absolute mess. We can now check the Blue Ridge Vet off our bucket list. Yes, that’s right. On day 2 of our supposedly “peaceful getaway” we found ourselves at the Blue Ridge Vet getting Dolly fluids, a glucose shot, and muscle relaxers.

Earlier in the day we took Dolly on her first little hike and she NEVER slowed down. She seemed like she was having so much fun and, given the sheer amount of energy she, has we thought nothing of it. Although, to be fair, she’s never seen hills before since we live in Florida, so the incline plus the distance made her little muscles go into shock. We got back from our hike, she bounced up the stairs and then all the sudden BOOM. Her whole body started to spasm. It was horrible. She was having tiny Charlie horses all over and refused to drink water for several hours, so we rushed her to the vet.

Looking back, we clearly over did it and feel HORRIBLE.  But honest to goodness, she never acted tired so we kept going. After the IV, shots, and pills… she woke up the next morning right as rain. This dog has no chill.

The Car

Volvo let us borrow the brand new XC60 (fully loaded) for our road trip and I cannot adequately tell you how much we loved this car. The trip to the mountains is 18 hours round trip, meaning we spent a LOT of time in this car. It handled the highways and mountain roads extremely well and checked all the comfort and safety boxes for us. We honestly had a very hard time giving it back!

Mountain Shoes

Are you sick of me talking about these shoes yet?! Ha! I’m obsessed. I wore these little needlepoint shoes pretty much our entire trip. I can’t get over the little fish on the sides. They are too much!

p.s. I have a 20% off discount code if you’re interested:




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Foggy Mornings

We spent four nights at the cabin, which meant we had four GLORIOUS mornings waking up to a hot pot of coffee, warm fire place, and a fog filled porch! The cabin is pretty secluded and you truly can’t see a single soul or house from the porch… it honestly feels like a giant tree house!


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Afternoons By The Fire

This was by far my favorite afternoon of the whole trip. The weather was drizzly and in the 50’s, perfect for a fire. Ryan built the fire, I popped the popcorn, and we read our books until all three of us fell asleep on the couch. I’m not sure there’s any better sound than the pitter-patter of raindrops and a crackling fire.


We tried to get out each day at least once to walk around downtown, grab a bite to eat, or explore. Sometimes it’s hard to get out of the house, but it’s always worth it! On this trip we picked up apple and apple fritters at Mercier’s Orchard, ate BBQ at Blue Smoke, visited the Lake Blue Ridge, had breakfast at The Trailer, walked Downtown Blue Ridge and enjoyed a date night at Harvest on Main. All in all it really was such a lovely trip!


Stubbs & Wootton Shoes c/o // Vineyard Vines Denim c/o // Lands’ End Oxford // J.Crew Cardigan

We’ve been home for over a week now, and we were even able to squeeze in a trip to San Fransisco since being back. But I’m not going to lie to you, we are still dreaming of going back to those foggy Blue Ridge mornings… 


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