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Just trying to make it all work…

Okay the feedback on yesterday’s post was so helpful in both my DMs on Instagram and the comment section here on the blog. More on that later, but so many of you mentioned baby schedules, life schedules, and just questions on how I do it all. And, truly, I had to LAUGH OUT LOUD. You guys, I do not do it all. Not even a little bit.

On Monday I was legitimately crying at my desk into my keyboard, while pumping and trying to figure out how to do it all. Spoiler alert: It’s not possible. And I am sorry if I made you feel like I’m doing it all, because I’m sooooo not.

Everyone’s experience is incredibly different, but for me, becoming a parent made me feel more like myself. It’s been freeing and wonderful and better than I could have ever dreamed. We waited a long time for him and truthfully I worried that it wouldn’t live up to my heart’s desire, but WOW it did, and then exceeded it. I just can’t get over that every day I get to hold a real-live-answered-prayer that giggles in my arms. It’s WILD. The peace he has brought into our home is something I have yet to be able to put into words.

But that doesn’t mean that life stops! And that I no longer have to work, do laundry, pick up the house, meal plan, make dinner, HAVE FRIENDS. I mean, you all know it too, life is full. And for someone who thrives on a schedule and a checklist, usually I’m like what is happening. And sometimes you just need to throw yourself a pity party involving sweatpants, chocolate, and a good solid cry… and I always feel better after any combo of those.

Anyway, all of that to say, I so do not have it all together, but I will never give up on trying because I genuinely love our life. Are things always easy? Absolutely not ever. But they are always worth it. I will continue to try, fail, give myself grace, and keep going. And I’m constantly reminding myself that I’m a work in progress.

So! I’ll share my baby schedule with you below because it may be helpful. But take it with a grain of salt, and do what works for you. And do not think for one second that the below is a fix-all, because babies aren’t robots and neither are we.

And in case you want more baby-mom-life ideas, here are my: new mom favorites, newborn favorites, stroller set-up, diaper bag essentials, and baby essentials for a four month old.

The Baby Schedule (that’s working for us!)

6 AM — Ideally I’d like to be up at 5:15 AM but right now, in this season of life, 6 AM is working best. If I can get in a solid 20 minutes of coffee (here’s how I make it), journaling, and Bible reading, I am in such a better headspace the rest of the day.

7 AM — We wake up Laurens. Sometimes he’s awake already coo-ing in his crib or sometimes we wake him. (His nursery is still my favorite room in the house!) Either way, that first smile, ugh, there is nothing like it. Then I feed him and we are off!

7:45 AM — I like to be “on the road” by 7:45 AM for our 45-minute walk (Here’s our stroller set-up that is the regular situation!). I really need fresh air and to be able to move my body each day, plus Laurens and Dolly live for our walks… they love the outside as much as I do!

8:30 AM — Nap. We are still using the Snoo for naps and, well, it doesn’t seem fair. That thing is ridiculous. Baby magic I tell ya!

8:30-10 AM — This is when I pick up the house, get ready, answer a few emails, etc.

10 AM — Feed then play.

11:30-1 PM — nap

1pm — Feed then play.

2:30-3:30pm — nap

4 PM — feed

5:30-6:00 PM — Nap. This one is usually on me and I look forward to this nap all day.

6:00 PM — Family walk when Ryan gets home!

6:30 PM — Bath, bottle, and bed. Depending on the day either Ryan or I will run point with the baby and the other will start dinner.

7:15 PM — Laurens is snuggled up in his sleep sack (loving this one lately) and in his crib for the night!

After that we do dinner, chat, house stuff, finish work, read… all the normal things! We try to get to bed by 10 PM, but truthfully that rarely happens. (Typically around 11 PM we are lights out.)

Worth noting…

Our schedule is based off of Moms On Call. I didn’t really read through the entire book, to be honest, but the baby schedule and sleep section has been wildly helpful, and I can say without a doubt it has worked for us.

I have help three days a week. On Mondays, either my mom or dad are here and are a tremendous help. They are in full grandparent/parent mode and take care of both of us. I don’t deserve their generous love. On Wednesdays and Fridays, we have a nanny that we love and adore, who has been such a gift to our family. And on Tuesdays and Thursday’s, I manage to squeeze work in here and there, but for the most part it’s my baby focused days and I really, really love it.

I am still nursing, but Laurens will take a bottle, so depending on the day I will either stop and nurse or pump for a few bottles!

Also, Ryan and I both work from home. But on the days we have help, he goes into his office for all of his calls so I can think while I’m at my desk since we share a very small home office.

Okay, did I miss anything?! This may be the longest post of my life!

And at this point, if you made it this far, you deserve a gold star! But really, I hope this helps in some small way. Thank you for being here.


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  1. This is great! My baby is turning two years old next week () so we’re a bit past the four naps a day period. But man when you get down to one nap a day that nap is SACRED. WE DO NOT MESS WITH NAP TIME

    Anyways, would love to hear about how yall found a nanny! Mine has been in full time daycare while I work full time, but I’m considering dropping to part time work and will need to figure out different childcare plans. I’ve only heard the horror stories, would love to hear a success!

    • YES! Guard those naps!!

      I asked around for months and months. And called/met with quite a few prospects. I definitely think the childcare thing is one of the hardest parts so far… so incredibly overwhelming.

      One of my best girlfriends here was switching her childcare routine as her little ones were getting older and sent her beloved nanny our way. SUCH A GIFT. She’s the sweetest, in college, and a joy to be around. Laurens LOVES Miss Lilly and we do too.

  2. So similar to what I used for my children. Does he now sleep through the night for you?
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love this! It’s always fun to see what schedules look like for a season, and to come back years from now and remember that time! Thank you for sharing!

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