Our Favorite Beach Essentials For Baby

Making memories on the sand…

This happens to us every year… Ryan and I will one day look at each other and say, “How long has it been since we’ve been to the beach?!” And it’s typically been months (!), and then we are disgusted with ourselves because we live so close! So we make a pact to rectify the situation ASAP.

Truth be told, we are a little over an hour away from our favorite beach, so it’s not like we are just two blocks away, but we are also not a flight away either. It’s totally accessible, so it’s a shame if we aren’t soaking up the literal sunshine… especially this time of year.

I honestly don’t looove going to the beach during the afternoon when the summer months roll around and the sand burns my toes… so spring is really my time to shine! But I do love a sunrise or sunset beach trip, which feels totally unrated. Get there by 7 AM and leave by 11 AM… yes, please!

We’ve been really enjoying our beach trips recently, and bringing Laurens along just adds to the fun and chaos! (But he does nap, if you can believe it!) We are completely covered in sand from head to toe by the time we leave, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I say this often but we are in our family’s memory making season and I always want to say yes as often as possible when it comes to family adventures, because all the shlepping, planning, sand (!!!), and packing is 100% worth it. Plus laying in bed after a beach day and going through my camera roll to favorite every single photo is truly worth it.

Anyway, we’ve collected a few favorite beach items over the years, but in the last few weeks we’ve seriously stepped up our game to include the best beach essentials for baby. We are team make-it-efficient, but also make-it-cute and to be honest, I’m loving our beach vibe and gear. Like these chairs?! A game changer. All of that to say, we aren’t beach minimalists (you truly only really need a towel and some SPF!), but we don’t pack more than we need or use. Our current set-up is fantastic and makes the whole thing feel comfortable but also doable. The only thing I think we are missing is a larger sunshade for Ryan and I… but I’ll get into that!

Regardless, I hope this post both encourages you to go on the adventures and inspires you to up your beach situation, because a good beach tote can really change the game.

A Few Favorites From The List

Best Beach Chairs — I asked and y’all delivered, although we ordered something different, ha! I asked on stories which chairs. y’all recommended and the Tommy Bahama chairs from Costco won by a land slide, buuuut we don’t have a costco membership, so we found these chairs that are practically the exact same thing, just without the cooler and we LOVE THEM. Like love.

Large Quilt — I love our large quilt from Etsy, I wrote a review on it here. But I’m also drooling over the ones Garnet Hill just launched. Adorable!

Pop-and-Go Tent — My goal this year is to become an ambassador for this thing. NO LIE, it’s amazing. We use it every single day in our backyard (see here!), but it’s also amazing at the beach (see here!). Laurens will both play and nap in it. Worth every single penny. I’m not kidding, get it.

Umbrella — We love our beach umbrella, it’s both functional and really pretty. But I do think we need more of a tent situation. So I’ll keep you updated, or if you have any ideas, send them my way! We don’t really both fit under the shade with the one umbrella… maybe we need too?!

Cooler — This cooler is awesome, we use it all the time and often just leave it in the car. Plus it’s easy to throw over your shoulder!

Corckcicles — We pack this for pre-mixed fun beach cocktails and these for sipping!

Beach Totes — Our tote bag situation has been interesting and I feel like we are constantly scrambling to find totes that are big enough. So we just ordered two of these with the long handle to put over our shoulders. I’m going to keep the stocked with our sunscreen, diapers, hats, towels, so we can grab and go!

Mesh Zip Bags — I’m obsessed with these bags, this is where we keep all the things we just mentioned. I even pop my big camera in one. These are great!



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  1. Instead of an umbrella we love our NESO Sunshade. So much better than an umbrella when there’s wind. It’s SO easy to set up & carry and compact enough to store in your car.

  2. This post has me itchy to put my toes in the sand-so many cute things! We bought those same silicone toys in pink when we went to Hawaii last summer and they were perfect! So easy to pack, play with and wash. They also doubled as snow toys for us TX folks who don’t keep a lot of winter gear around!

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