Our Maternity Portraits On Film

A forever memory…

As many of you already know, my dad is a fine art photographer. My sister and I spent most of our childhood in a studio full of film cameras, acrylic paints, backdrops, lights, and a whole lot of magic!

To say we grew up in a creative environment would be a complete understatement. Every day we watched our parents create pieces of art, which in hindsight, is really quite special.

As you can imagine, my dad has captured all of our big life moments and the small ones in between… so the thought of him capturing this special season on film was more than my heart could handle!

Honestly, I’ve been looking forward to this for months. These images will be heirlooms for many generations to come… which is such a sweet thought. I even turned to Ryan during the shoot and said, “Isn’t it crazy to actually be in the middle of a memory?!” I mean, if you think about it, it’s really quite something.

Images shot on both Noba large format 5×7 & Hassleblad 500 cm

See the behind the scenes of our maternity shoot here!

And if this whole situation wasn’t sentimental enough, my dad photographed my mom in this exact same spot when she was pregnant with me 34 years ago. Life is so wild, isn’t it?!

I’m so grateful for my dad’s gift of photography and his passion for creating beautiful things. We will treasure these photographs for all of our years.


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  1. When I clicked on the blog I literally gasped out loud. Your Dad had great subjects to work with but these photos are stunning! Please be sure to show how/where you frame and hang them. I am so happy and excited for you both.

  2. You are gorgeous and what a beautiful memory to keep forever, made even sweeter by the fact that your Dad took them!

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