Ashley Brooke Designs debuts their new art prints! |


Introducing ABD Art Prints!

There are months and months of design days that happen behind-the-scenes while I work away creating pieces I hope you will love. And, when the day finally arrives when I can release them into the world, the feelings I have are just about indescribable. I can already tell you I love today!

I’m so thrilled for you to see our PRINTS for the very first time!

I’m passionate about creating a space you cannot wait to spend time in. I love incorporating art that reminds me of special moments, places I’ve visited, and people I adore. With that in mind, creating each print was the best invitation to return to my hand illustrated roots ““ the ones that lead me to start designing ABD products in the first place ““ and I can assure you this has been one of the most rewarding experiences to date.

My design days became filled with florals and color, hand lettering, patterns, and quotes that inspired me daily with the hope that the art I was designing would make its way into your home to impact you and your heart. There are prints to celebrate your home state, prints to make you feel fancy while you’re getting ready, and prints to keep you motivated while you work.

There’s so much more to share, but here are a few key details before we get too far ahead:


  • –  All of the prints are hand illustrated.
  • –  Each art print is available in THREE sizes: 5″ x 5″, 8″ x 10″, and 11″ x 14″
  • –  You can purchase them framed or unframed, and there are FOUR frame options available: gold, white, espresso, and honey veneer. Note: all framed prints are matted.
  • –  They are printed (and framed!) in the USA!
  • –  They start at just $16.
  • –  The 8×10 and 11×14 framed prints ship free.


Ashley Brooke Designs debuts their new art prints! |


State Prints

Whether you’re celebrating your home state, a state you love, or announcing a new move, I pinky promise you will love the hand illustrated state prints I have designed. Flowers and fruit are some of the prettiest details about any state, plus they’re the two details that always remind me of home or a place I have visited. So, each print includes each’s state’s official flower and fruit! Because it’s my home state, I may be partial to Florida. But, each print of California, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas has my whole heart too.



Line Drawings

When I first started ABD, my days were spent creating line drawings and hand illustrations. As ABD has grown, I have wanted to create line drawings again, and these prints finally presented the right moment! I cannot tell you how much I love both of them. Our French Girl has such a fun, curious, witty, and girly personality, and she’s exactly who I strive to be. Plus, you all already know how I feel about primping! It’s safe to say it’s my favorite moment of any day, but especially one involving date night or a night out with the girls for some serious girl talk. The black and white details make both prints feel so classic and chic, and I can already see them on night stands and vanities in homes and dorm rooms. I think everyone needs at least one!



Ashley Brooke Designs debuts their new art prints! |



Patterns are my favorite thing to create! You already know how I feel about our Palm Leaf travel mug, and I knew I needed to bring the same floral and tropical vibes to our patterned prints. The Painted Posey art print reminds me of peonies blooming in the spring, which I don’t hate one bit. Plus, the Palm Springs art print is a take off of my favorite travel mug. Either one is just waiting to be included in a gallery wall in your family room or dorm room, and I think each would make such a chic gift for a shower. Plus, nightstands, bookshelves, and desks are definitely not out of the question. We all need flowers and greens anywhere and everywhere, don’t you agree?  


The story of the quote art prints is this: these are the exact sayings that inspire me throughout my day. I keep all of these quotes placed throughout my office (or on a coffee mug ““ I’m looking at you, You’re Like Really Pretty), and they haven’t failed me once. Enjoy It Because It’s Happening hangs above my desk; It’s Kind Of Fun To Do The Impossible is on my wall; and It’s A Finger Snapping Kind Of Day has been saved forever on a Post-It Note on my computer. These are meant to inspire you, so place them where you need them most ““ by the door you walk through every day as you leave or on your desk ““ and give them as gifts to keep your BFF (or favorite college student!) inspired too.  



Ashley Brooke Designs debuts their new art prints! |


I hope you’re just as excited about our new prints as I am, and I cannot wait to see where you hang them to make your space just a little bit more fancy. Please let me know your favorite art print in the comments, and don’t forget all orders over $75 ship for free!


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