Our Newborn Photos

Can I frame all of them?!

One of the things I was looking forward to after the arrival of our little guy was having my dad take our newborn photos. It’s such a special time and I couldn’t wait to capture it, and lucky for us, my dad was more than willing!

Abbey Glass Daisy Dress (short version here)

We do still have a few finishing touches to do on the nursery and, actually, the crib was delivered the DAY before I delivered—full blog post on that to come, promise! But I wanted to take the photos in the little room we find ourselves spending so much time these days, and just capture the total bliss of this season.

Laurens is such a sweet, steady, peaceful little soul, and I love that these photos show him this way.

Everyone on Ryan’s side of the family keep telling me that Laurens is just like Ryan at this age, which just makes me so happy! Even Ryan’s grandmother told me last weekend, “He’s so peaceful, just like Ryan!”. And honestly, he is truly a dream baby.

I love that this house just feels whole with him in it.

Now, I can’t wait to fill his baby book (I ordered this one) and our walls with these photographs. I’ve always thought having a photographer as a dad was a perk… but now that I have a child, I’m realizing just HOW much I’m going to enjoy this perk! 😉

Our hearts are just *so* happy!


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  1. Such lovely pictures. Bring a mom is the best, most important job you’ll ever have. Enjoy each day to the fullest!

    • Congratulations! Such a precious gift, Laurens Thomas. The fist year of life is just amazing, enjoy every minute!

  2. These photos are darling! Thrilled for you and your family. He is so precious and you and Ryan look so full of love.

  3. Congratulations Ashley! These photos are truly the most precious!
    What a beautiful baby he is! ❤️ Wishing you all the very best!

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