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The happiest spot for the happiest baby!

I can very easily say that this has been my favorite project we’ve tackled to date, and I am THRILLED with how it came together. I’m so excited to be able to finally share it with you! Our sweet little nursery for our sweet little boy, Laurens.

ashley brooke baby

Ellie and Becca dress c/o (nursing friendly) // crib // rug // wallpaper // pull toy // baby monitor

When I was dreaming up the room for Laurens, I knew I wanted it to be handsome, but also feel like a little boy’s space. I searched high and low on Pinterest for little boy nurseries for inspiration, but I kept coming up short!

Nothing quite felt like us, but when I saw this on Etsy, everything clicked! I based his room around these sweet puppies with lots of neutrals, browns, textures, and warm blues. Sweet and sophisticated was the feel I was going for, and I feel like we accomplished that.

ashley brooke nursery

Ellie and Becca dress c/o (nursing friendly) // mules

The room came together at the VERY last second, literally. Laurens was born the morning of May 6th, and the crib and wallpaper were delivered and installed on May 5th. To say this room was a wild ride would be an understatement!

You may remember from the post I did about our nursery “plan” that this room provided us with quite a few challenges! The room itself is barely 9′ x 9′ and had little-to-no storage, so we had to get really creative.

Ryan first decided to open up the room’s closet to create a “nook” for the dresser/changing area and that was *so* smart. The closet itself was not at all efficient and extremely hard to use. But by opening up the entire space, it created the perfect spot for the dresser.

Also, this dresser! We searched high and low for a really special piece for the nursery and nothing was hitting the spot. So we decided to try our hand at antiquing and we found this beautiful vintage French piece for $40 (!) at Renningers Antique Market.

It needed a lot of love, but still, you can’t beat forty bucks! I ended up taking it to a local shop (Family Furniture Antiques) and they made all of my dreams come true! They restored the piece completely, and also built a new top and a custom removable sashay for the changing portion. They turned this fun find into a piece that we will have in our family for years. (You can always try searching Etsy for good vintage finds, too!)

Besides the dresser nook, the custom built-ins are another favorite project. Again, the name of the game here was “create storage out of thin air”! After doing A LOT of brainstorming, we came up with custom built-ins as a solution to our space issue… and let me tell you, this changed absolutely everything.

ashley brooke nursery

rocking chair // rug // crib // Ellie and Becca dress c/o

We did a ton of research on custom built-ins and received quotes from a few different companies and landed on The Cabinet Joint. And oh my goodness, we are now The Cabinet Joint’s BIGGEST fans. Like, so obsessed. Truly, I need to do an entire post on the process, but the short of it is, they are amazing and so easy to work with. We designed the cabinets with one of their designers, picked the color (Colonial Revival Gray by Sherwin-Williams), confirmed measurements, and ordered them. The cabinets came on two pallets, and Ryan and my nephew spent a weekend installing them.

They are truly beautiful and better than we even thought they would be. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that they totally “make” the room! Also, we structured the room so that a full-size bed or desk could fit in between the cabinets, so when we outgrow this house, this room will be functional for many things, not just a nursery!

ashley brooke nursery

Ellie and Becca dress c/o (nursing friendly) // bookshelves

After solving our space issues, the fun part of filling the room with a crib, rug, rocker, bookshelves, and lots of special little things was up next!

ashley brooke baby

Ellie and Becca dress c/o (nursing friendly) // bookshelves // baby boy onsie

Our crib is from Pottery Barn, and I love it. Truly, it took forever to arrive, but it was definitely the right decision for us! It also turns into a full-size bed, which I love. Same with our rocker/glider. I spend ALL of my hours in that thing and it was worth every single penny, in my opinion.

When it came to wallpaper, I found this amazing striped wallpaper at Brooke & Lou along with this beautiful throw, airplane clock, lamp, toy basket, and dog prints. Honestly, I could of kept “adding to cart” as Brooke and Lou truly became my one-stop-shop for all things for Laurens’s nursery. So many beautiful and unique pieces… my wishlist is still a mile long!

I also ended up doing a beautiful grasscloth wallpaper behind the crib in the same tone as the built-ins. I wanted to add a bit of texture to the space without making it busy. And it turned out really beautifully! Clean, but interesting, you know?!

ashley brooke nursery

pouf // rocking chair // rug // crib // Ellie and Becca dress c/o

And last, but certainly not least, a custom rug by Annie Selke! Again, this room isn’t very big, so the fact that we could order a rug that was sized perfectly to the room really sold me.

Plus, I asked y’all in a post a few months ago when I was totally stumped on a neutral but soft rug… and it was practically a unanimous Annie Selke vote and you were right. It’s so soft, beautiful, and incredibly comfortable. We ended up adding a rug pad, and I highly recommend the extra plush. But truly we are so happy with it.

This room is a dream come true for us in so many ways, and I just love how it turned out after we lovingly poured so many hours into it. I never mind spending sleepless night in this little corner of our home, whether its 7 am or 2 am, as it will always make my heart happy.

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Photography by Sally Watson


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  1. The dreamiest nursery and my biggest inspiration for our baby boys nursery!! If you don’t mind me asking, what is the cream color you used on the walls?

  2. Every detail is absolutely precious!! Y’all have such a gift for creating beautiful spaces, where you can practically feel the loved poured into them through the photos. I had such a hard time finding ideas for my son’s nursery too and never ended up loving the way it turned out. He’s five now, so having his input on his “big boy room” is a whole different kind of fun!

  3. Absolutely stunning!! Do you recall the color you used for the built ins? We’re redoing my son’s room and this color is so lovely.

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