Our Palm Beach Vacation

Too much family fun in the sun!

Last weekend we packed up and headed down south for a Palm Beach vacation… it’s one of our favorite places and we were ready for a little family together time! Three nights at the Eau Palm Beach, just the three of us, and I’m not sure we could of had a better trip if we tried.

(side note: here are the links to everything I packed!)

palm beach vacation
ALWAYS bring a tripod for a self timer family photo!

Vineyard Vines swimsuit (old, similar here) // H&M skirt (old, similar here) // raffia sandals (old, similar here)

This past summer we went on a road trip (when Laurens was two months old) to our family cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia and then to Charleston to see more family, and both were amazing. Our first big road trip as a family felt monumental, and this trip did too, as the first getaway just the three of us. I’ve been dreaming about going on a trip with just our little crew since I found out we were pregnant and truly it exceeded our expectations.

eau palm beach
palm beach vacation

Sunshine Tienda hat // Vineyard Vines swimsuit (old, similar here) // Sunshine Tienda sarong

Laurens is such a great little traveler, he’s into his carseat and LOVES people watching, which, let’s be honest, is the majority of what he’s doing these days. So it’s a blast to just tote him around! We spent the majority of the weekend at the resort which, quite frankly, is magical.

palm beach vacation
eau palm beach

A few years ago, my mom, sister, and I came here on a girls trip and we had the best time. I’ve been wanting to come back with Ryan ever since… so bringing a baby was icing on the cake. The Eau Palm Beach is as close as you can possibly get to the water.

I kept telling Ryan it felt like we were on a cruise ship when we looked out our bedroom window (see here!). It was ocean as far as our eyes could see! Truly spectacular. And then we spent our afternoons in the cabanas or taking Laurens for a dip in the pool (he LOVES his float!).

eau palm beach
palm beach vacation

 Tuckernuck dress  // Mango belt (old, similar here) // J.Crew bag  // J.Crew sunglasses  // raffia sandals (old, similar here)

On Friday night we popped out for a date night to Bucan, a Palm Beach favorite of ours for dinner. But other than that we ate all of our meals at the resort. Sushi from downstairs (which was AMAZING) in our pajamas the first night while Laurens slept soundly in the little hotel crib (and under this brilliant tent we brought along… please buy it immediately!).

Dinner was at Polpo on Saturday night, which is absolutely fabulous! We just put Laurens in his sleep sack and stroller bassinet and the white noise of the restaurant put him right to sleep… so oysters and martinis it was!

I was also able to sneak away for a quick massage at the spa and let me tell you, it was a WONDERFUL experience. The Eau Palm Beach is known for their spa, and now I know why! If you ever find yourself staying there, I cannot recommend it enough… truly, it’s special.

I’ve said this before, but traveling with a baby is really so much fun and worth it for all the memories. Is it more stuff? YES. Is there a lot of “milk and nap math” constantly in the back of your brain? Absolutely. But going on adventures with him is always worth it and the Eau truly made it so easy!

I called ahead of time to let them know we’d have a baby with us, and they had a crib and diaper pail waiting in our room, which was fabulous. Ryan typically gives Laurens a bottle at night, so I asked if they had a microwave, and they immediately brought one up, making late night bottle heating that much easier. Also, each room has a fridge… just those little touches made our first hotel stay feel so seamless and stress free!

We really had a wonderful Palm Beach vacation and I can’t wait for a lifetime more of memories like these.

In partnership with The Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa


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