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Always ready and prepped for fun…

Laurens is at such a fun age where he is into everything, so I usually have him outside as soon as he wakes up so we he can go go go. It’s so sweet to watch him explore and adventure, so we spend the majority of our days right here at home and outside in the sunshine!

Whether it’s filling up the water table and splashing around in the hose or tossing beach balls, our little yard sees a lot of action. You can typically find us in a cloud of bubbles and deep into an outdoor activity well before 9 A.M. So I thought I’d make things a little easier on myself and create an outdoor “hub” that I can keep fully stocked with all things summer. So if it’s just us or an impromptu playdate, I can roll out (ha!) and be ready for anything!

my dress // wicker bar cart // stripe towels // white oval container // applesauce pouches // juice boxes // pirate booty snack (gluten free!) // beverage dispenser & stand // brown pot // chalk // beach balls

With a revolving door of playdates and neighbors popping over for a splash, I’m constantly running back inside to grab someone a snack or a towel, or better yet a swim diaper. So I decided to get smart and set myself up for success and honestly, it’s been a dream!!

I just fill up our water pitcher and grab a few items from the fridge, but for the most part, everything we need for a few hours in the sun is all right here. From activities snd snacks to bug spray and SPF, you name it, we are ready!

This idea ended up being so much more simple than I even thought. I placed a giant Walmart order with all the fixings, including this cart (under $200 believe it or not), and had the whole thing put together in under an hour! It’s so easy to replicate with whatever summer items you find yourself reaching for most.

I love that I can find both beautiful and functional things at Walmart like this drink dispenser and stand, but I can also grab a giant pack of beach balls, a water table, AND our favorite little squeezes! Everything summer fun! Nothing quite like an outdoor space that is cute, fun for the kids, but also super functional. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner?!

Also, I love that this little summer hub will grow with us… one day I’ll stock it with water balloons, squirt guns, and googles, but for now it’s all about the little swimmer diapers and chalk!

A Few Favorites From Walmart

This rolling cart is the best! Such a great price point, super pretty, and very versatile. You can use it outdoors like I did or indoors as a bar cart. I’m also obsessed with this little plant stand and this outdoor love seat is so good! So is this planter.

This water table we use every single day! Laurens loves it so much.

This bright and sunny set of towels is so fun for summer! And these acrylic short tumblers are awesome for outdoor use.

I’m loving these oval storage containers (small and large). Use them all around the house for anything that needs one central spot!

Wearing this dress above, but also this bright one and this pretty pink one caught my eye!

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