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Let’s Get Outside!

Hands down, our favorite spot in our home is our back yard. We love it out there and we’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years collecting special pieces, doing major DIY makeovers, and arranging and rearranging furniture. It’s the spot I think of when I think of “home”. 

This time of year the weather is heavenly and we often find ourselves enjoying our morning coffee while we watch Dolly hop around the backyard. And on Sundays we’ve been known to fall asleep in the afternoon after a glass of rosé on our comfy outdoor couches, only to wake up to Dolly barking at a squirrels! It’s the best. 

So today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite outdoor finds, the ones that have made our outdoor space extra special! I hope you enjoy! 

6 Pretty Outdoor Finds


My Favorite Pillow

If you were to ask me what my very favorite thing in our back yard is, I would tell you this pillow. As soon as I saw it last year I knew it was the statement piece I’d been looking for! And honestly, it makes our whole porch seating setup pop! The bright colors pull in the colors from all the flowers and it’s just downright pretty. The quality is better than anything I’ve seen.

Today through Monday this pillow is 30% off!! This is Frontgate’s biggest sale of the year, and I cannot recommend scooping up this one enough!

Buy Here 

Floral Watering Can

One of the most asked questions I get in my DMs is where I found my blue and white watering can, which makes me laugh! I actually received it as a gift for Easter one year from my aunt. I eventually asked her where she found it since I kept getting the question, and she said Walmart! But guys, that was 6 years ago! 

So I found a similar one, just as pretty and at a great price point! Also, it’s on prime so, you know, order it today… get it tomorrow! 😉 

Buy Here

Blue & White Pots

Our pots are from all over! At this point we have quite the collection. Most of our giant pots are from Old Time Pottery, we have a few from Home Depot, a few vintage ones from who knows there, but some of our favorite blue and white ones are from Amazon. I pick them up when I come across them, because they are just too pretty to pass up! 

Buy Here

Gingham Pillows

Our gingham outdoor pillows are another one of our favorite finds! We originally purchased ours from Pottery Barn, but honestly I found this seller on Etsy that makes pillow covers in ALL of these colors! I’m tempted to buy a few more for the different seasons. Seriously, how cute?! Also, they are $13!!!

Buy Here

Life Saver

Go ahead, ask me how many kitchen scissors I’ve ruined over the years… The answer is like, 1 billion. These under $10 gardening sheers have saved my life and most likely my marriage! 😉 And I’m so into them.

Buy Here

Blue & White Garden Stools

These are the exact gardening stools we have and I’m not going to lie to you, they are AMAZING. They are so pretty. They are side tables, but when we have tons of people over they act as extra chairs. They are the true chameleon of our backyard and if I were you I’d order them STAT. 

Buy Here

Okay, now your turn! What outdoor items can you not live without? Tell me because I have a feeling it’s going to be a looooong Summer!


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  1. Your backyard is AMAZING. I’m trying to figure out how I can replicate your beautiful back yard with our small MN patio. (Spoiler Alert: adorable patios are v. difficult in the winter months.). These type of home posts are always a favorite of mine!

    • Alisha, you can do it! Our patio is actually pretty small… I just pack a lot of stuff in! Sending sunshine your way! xx – AB

  2. ok….you are right. My question was about your blue and white watering can!!! My favorite colors are blue and white. I have to have it!!!!! I’ll look into the one you have posted but I will continue my search for a blue and white can. If I find one, I’ll let you know! Would love to sit and visit on your porch – it just looks so welcoming! And Dolly can sit right on my lap! 🙂

    • Ah! I’m so sorry Patricia! I wish I had the exact one for you!! Also, thank you for your sweet words! xx – AB

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