Pantry Organization

It. Was. Time.

Guys, I’m going to be honest with you. Our house is super clean and organized, I’m kind of nuts about it. But our drawers/cabinets are, well, the complete opposite of organized!

I’m a “shover”. I don’t like things *out*, so my solution is to shove it away and deal with it later. But the time has come to pay the piper, because our pantry got OUT OF CONTROL.

Pink Dress // Lock & Seal Containers // Clear Bins

I’ve been holding off organizing our pantry since we renovated our kitchen a few years ago. The pantry has always been on the list to makeover, so I’d been waiting… but we’ve had a handful of projects that took precedence, so the pantry just kept getting put on the back burner. The full makeover is coming, I PROMISE, but for now we needed a solution to bridge the gap.


In my current nesting state, I couldn’t be stopped, and well, I’m glad! Now we can actually SEE what we have to work with so when the time comes to do a little makeover (shelving, lights, etc) we will be in better shape.

Also, I do want to note (in my defense, ha!), that I cook and bake A LOT. I typically make 3 meals a day, 5-6x’s a week in our kitchen, and I have about 3 small shelves to work with here… so getting creative was my only option!

Thankfully though, The Home Edit had just launched a collection with Walmart Home, so you can say I was *inspired*! 😉


Favorite Finds


Clear Bins

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Lock & Seal Containers

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Pink Dress

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At the beginning of January I just went through and ordered all of the different sizes and shapes, because I knew if I cleaned out the pantry (which I’ve done a million times!) and didn’t have any organizational tools to help me, then two days later we would be right back where we started!

I figured whatever I didn’t use I could return, but shocker… I used EVERYTHING.

And oh my gosh it feels *so* good! We don’t have a big fancy “pinterest-y” pantry but what we do have is a fully functioning, organized, pantry that I absolutely ADORE. I can not even begin to tell you how easy it is to bake now that all my flours are in these pretty containers all in one place. It’s like heaven!

Truly though, if you’ve been wanting to do this too, just do it. You will not, WILL NOT, regret it! Every day I open the pantry and think “gosh, it’s so nice not to be stressed out by this space.” And you better believe our bathroom is next.

I can not be stopped!

Thank you for sponsoring this post, Walmart.

Photography by Sally Watson


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