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A Functional Whole Body Approach

this is a long one so get ready!!

I’ve always been a believer of holistic medicine and grew up in a home where it was valued. My sister and I went to holistic doctors throughout our childhood, my mom was on board with this “trend” waaaay before it was cool. Shopping mostly at health food stores, co-ops, and farmer’s markets… Honestly, my mom would have made a very good millennial hipster, which is something I love about her. And in turn she has made me interested and very open to holistic medicine.

So when Parsley Health reached out to see if I was interested in trying out their service I quite literally couldn’t say yes fast enough. I was actually looking into signing up the month prior, but our renovation had totally taken over my brain and I hadn’t gotten around to it. But to me, Parsley just makes sense.

Parsley Health was founded in 2016 by Dr. Robin Berzin MD, a Columbia-trained physician, digital health expert, and leader in functional medicine. Robin believes that medicine should put nutrition, wellness and prevention on the front lines of health care, while simultaneously making care smart and data-driven to meet our needs in today’s world.

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I do have to caveat this by saying that it’s been incredibly difficult for me to go to the doctor since Ryan’s battle with cancer a few years ago. I find myself dreading even the normal dentist visit, which is very unlike me. The anxiety of a waiting room sends me right back. So the fact that Parsley is virtual (they do have offices in major cities) felt like an actual Godsend. It’s virtual, holistic, and incredibly thorough. On top of the waiting room anxiety, I’m also “team TEST EVERYTHING” now, even more than I was before, and I really appreciate the fact that Parsley is as well. Just filling out the paper work reassured me, which was giant blessing.

I was excited to get aligned with a doctor who would be on my same page with health goals, and be able to treat my whole body, not just fix a symptom. I knew as soon as I started filling out the pre-patient paperwork I was in the right place. I actually called my mom as I was filling it out since the questions were extremely in-depth and I needed her help (tons of questions on her pregnancy with me!). I also called because I knew she’d LOVE it. And she totally did! She kept saying “this is what I’ve been looking for all these years!” Ha!

I wanted to get a good baseline, address some digestive issues, anxiety, and check my hormone levels. I think as women (heck, as HUMANS) we should know our bodies to the best of our abilities. And after our journey with cancer, I can say with out a doubt, that this has become more important to Ryan and I more than ever.

What is Parsley Health?

Parsley Health uses functional, conventional, and personalized medicine to help you achieve your health goals. By first getting to know you. There is a comprehensive medical history review, then you get to choose a doctor and a health coach who become your on call health team. You get access to them throughout the year and together, they help you form a long term health plan.

My Parsley Health Experience

Once I set up my account I had a 15 minute call with my Care Manager who walked me through the Parsley Health platform and answer all my questions about the process. I really enjoyed this step. My Care Manager, Lauren, put me at ease and helped me with a few questions right off the bat. I absolutely LOVE that Parsley does this and, more than that, I love that I have access to her via their messaging app 24/7! I’ve definitely sent her a note or two! 😉

After getting all set up I then filled out an in depth analysis – the pre-patient paperwork. For me this was awesome, it took quite a while to fill out, but SO worth it. Once I filled out all of my paperwork I was able then to pick a doctor and schedule my first 75 minute zoom call.

I LOVED being able to read through all of the super highly qualified doctors. I ended up picking Dr. Amy, and I am SO glad I did. We totally hit it off right off the bat and feel like meeting her was such a blessing. During that first 75 minute zoom call I felt more seen and heard more than I have ever felt with a physician. Not only was Dr. Amy incredibly knowledgeable, but she was kind, encouraging, and gave me so much hope. 75 minutes seems like a really long time, but I could have talked to her all day!

Since our call I’ve implemented a handful of things including a couple of new supplements, meditation, and 8 hours of sleep a night. This was just our initial call and I hadn’t completed any lab-work yet so she ordered those and I finished the extensive list last week. I am really just so excited about it! I’m looking forward to making tweaks here and there once it comes back!

After my call with Dr. Amy I was then set up with a health coach and certified nutritionist. I was so excited again to choose one of Parsley’s highly recommended nutritionists and landed on Samantha. One of the things I love THE most about Parsley is the fact that you get someone who is there to guide you once you talk to the doctor. Samantha had all of the notes from my call with Dr. Amy and was able to help me make a plan with my supplements, nutrition, etc.

Honestly, it was a dream and kept me from feeling overwhelmed by all the new things we had talked about it. Samantha helped me make action steps!

In all 5 visits each with Dr. Amy and Samantha each per year. And just like the care manager I also I have access to both of them 24/7. via the messaging app! I had a question about a supplement I had started and I was able to get a response within 24 hours. I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful that is. No googling necessary.

I’m about one month in, waiting on all my labs, and for the first time in a long time I feel in control of my health and hopeful. I know I’m predisposed to be jazzed about lab work and meditation because of my mom, ha! But seriously, I am really excited about my health journey. For me it’s a forever journey and one that will always be changing through seasons. But I’m so grateful for the body God gave me and want to be able to fuel it and care for it the best way possible.

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So, with ALL that being said (Phew. You made it this far!) I am excited for you to try out Parsley health. My girlfriends will be thrilled I wrote a post on this so I can stop talking their ears off about it and start talking about it with you. Ha! I’m genuinely so invested in this and believe in what they are doing. My hope is that this post is helpful and gives you a real-life-behind-the-scenes look at Parsley Health!

Parsley Health – Use the code: “AshleyBrooke10” for 10% off


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