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J.Crew Denim & Top (on sale! I’m wearing an xs) // J.McLaughlin Bag c/o // Pearl Hair Clip // Knot Earrings// RayBan Sunglasses


Pearl hair clips have really caught my attention this Summer and I’ve gone all in. I’m not usually one for a “trend” and stick mostly to what makes me feel most like myself”¦ (how I define my style) So to say I’ve officially bought in on a trend is a big deal. But honestly, I’m a SUCKER for a good hair accessory.

Growing up I would keep track of the way I wore my hair each day (wish I was joking) so as not to repeat any hairstyle within a week. I mean, seriously, can you even imagine what the inside of my brain looked like at 14??!! It was all body glitter, boy bands, ice blue Maybeline eyeshadow, and hair accessories”¦ Needless to say, the pearl hair clip trend was inevitable. 

I decided to try the clips by ordering the Amazon ones, because at $12 dollars I couldn’t lose, and go from there. If they really changed my life that much I may invest in the fancy ones”¦ But truthfully the $12 ones came in (a pack of 15, I kid you not) and it felt Christmas morning. I was instantly obsessed and blown away by the quality.

Did they change my life? YES!

Will I need to invest in the fancy-schmancy ones? Not any time soon! These are awesome. 

Ever since they came in I’ve been wearing them every-which-way (styled with my hair up here) and can’t get enough. Plus since it’s quite literally 115 degrees and 100% humidity here in Florida, it helps accessorize and distract from my perpetual bad hair days. 

Can’t say enough good things, go get them!

Before I go…Jeans and Top

Also, can’t wrap up this post without mentioning both my top and jeans are on sale currently and are my Summer favorites of the moment. I got this top at the beginning of may and have worn it every other week since! Comfy, cute, flirty, and good!


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  1. OK…’s official! I’ve been eyeing those pearl hair clips on Amazon but just haven’t ordered them yet. Well, on your endorsement, I’m getting them! I have long hair and in the summer I just want to wear it up and these look like they’ll do the job. 🙂

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