We’re Bringing Snail Mail Back


… And, I am trying NOT to freak out about it! 

We are, officially, bringing back ABD stationery, and it makes me want to cry big happy tears! For those of you who are new around here, let me give you a little back story…

So EIGHT – yes eight – years ago I started Ashley Brooke Designs as a custom stationery studio and it was magical. I did the whole stationery thing for years and years and then, like all businesses, we organically changed. Our company that was only producing stationery turned into a full fledged design house. I loved taking on new projects, designing new products like coffee mugs, tumblers, etc. but I couldn’t keep up with both all of our new projects and our demand for custom stationery.  So I chose to step away from stationery until we could figure out just what we wanted to do with that part of the business. For two years now we’ve had this dream of being able to offer high end stationery at an accessible price point. Something that way still super special and partially custom that we could offer to all of our clients. Last year we set out to do just that, and after months of work, today it is finally happening (queue the happy tears!). 

Stationery will always be my first love, and I can’t tell you how excited and proud I am about the launch of this brand new stationery collection. I LEGIT fought hard to get the highest quality paper, lined envelopes, and gold foil stamping options for you. I wanted this stationery to be special, because a let’s be real, stationery IS special. 

Okay, now that I have gushed, let’s get into it… shall we?!  




Foil Everything

Oh yea, that’s right… it’s lined! This is an option that we offered back in the day when we were doing custom stationery as the highest tier on our pricing list, because let’s be honest here… it’s for real fancy! But I am SO excited to announce that we have it! WE HAVE GOLD FOILED LINED ENVELOPES FOR ALL OF OUR STATIONERY. Even our new boxed set of cards are line! Seriously friends, it’s a real thing and it’s happening. If that wasn’t enough, all of our envelopes are stamped on the back with the words: “snail mail is the best mail.” because, you know, it is. 

So let’s just re-cap on the envelope here: It’s lined with gold foil, AND it’s stamped with a “OMG she’s so cute” sassy saying in gold foil on the flap, is that right?! YUP, you got it! 


… I digress…




Put Your Name On It!

This was the other thing. I wanted/needed/HAD TO HAVE our stationery personalized, because stationery is personal. So I made it happen for you!  You can now have your name (or whatever you feel like that is 35 characters!) foil stamped on the front of your stationery. That’s right, you too can have fancy foil stamped stationery, and it is amazing! 

So, let me just answer your big question here… YES, it truly is as amazing as I am making it seem! 




Here’s a Diagram

So, in case you totally blacked out from all of the excitement, I made you a diagram! 

  1. it’s personalized
  2. it’s lined
  3. it’s sassy 
  4. it’s bright and hand illustrated. 


Okay, enough of me blabbering… now go check it out


Happy Snail Mail-ing! 



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  1. YAY! Ashley this just makes me so very happy to have ABD stationery back. You know it is and always has been my favorite. I love it, especially the gold foiled goodness. Thank you so much, xoxo

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