This just dawned on me and I felt the need to share this information with you”¦WEAR SHOES.

When I was at University of Central Florida I had an early morning lecture class. One of those glorious mornings I realize that the guy sitting across the isle from me wasn’t wearing shoes! I know what you’re thinking he must have been wearing flip flops and just slipped them off, that was my first thought too! Oh was I wrong!! As I studied him in class I scanned the area around him looking for a pair of lonely shoes or a book bag that they might be in, really anything that would leave me to believe he had shoes”¦ but nothing! When class was finally over I got up and walked out just in time to see barefoot man start to make his trek across campus (no short distance) without even a pair of $2 old navy flip flops. Needless to say he never ever once wore shoes to class the entire semester!! So please, in the morning when you start to think to yourself “bare feet would make this outfit so much better””¦. THINK AGAIN!!


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