Pregnancy: My Third Trimester

Waiting on baby! Catch up on my first trimester here and my second trimester here.

It’s unbelievable to me that I’m currently writing my THIRD trimester recap. Honestly, I have butterflies just typing out those words. Everyone said it would fly by, and it really has, in the best way. I’m so just excited to meet our little one and can’t believe we get to be a family of four (including Dolly of course!!) so soon. We are nervous, excited, but most of all ready.

But do not let me fool you, we aren’t actually ready in the sense of the nursery being done (still no crib and we had a major snafu with the wallpaper, ah!), crossing everything off our to-do list, work wrapped up in a bow, and our hospital bags fully packed, etc.. All of those things, well, they are still very much a work in progress. But our hearts are definitely more than ready.

Also, don’t worry, my bag is *mostly* packed! And we do have diapers, wipes, a bassinet, and some of the cutest clothes, but everything else is a little up in the air!

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I know I say this every time, but what a gift. I haven’t taken a single day for grated over these last 9 1/2 months, and have really tried to soak up every second. I know it’s fleeting, but I think our long road to this season has just really made it all the more sweet. Even on the hard days, we still go to bed saying, “I can’t believe we are having a baby!!!” It all just feels so surreal. We are just beyond excited and incredibly grateful.

Okay so, let’s get into the third trimester, shall we?

Are you craving anything?

YES. All things citrus! Lemon, lime, grapefruit anything…. but also, like all fruit in general. (Lemonade? Yes, please!) I could sit down with an entire ice cold watermelon right now and a fork and be in absolute heaven. Also, this is super random, but I’m also extremely into arugula with lemon on top and drippy almond butter. Not together, but I man I wake up thinking about green apples and almond butter. And I make an arugula salad at least once a day.

Are these the most random cravings or all time or what? I mean, maybe not the citrus, but arugula?! So weird. (This recipe definitely fueled my craving!)

Also, I am not really a sweets person. But last week I could not kick a craving for brownie WITH a cookie on top. My sister came through on this one, and dropped off a home-made version for me!

Have you had any unpleasant symptoms?

Of course, but gratefully they have all been manageable. I honestly cannot complain at all! But if you want specifics, I will say currently baby boy is working very hard at trying to break my ribs on my right side. At least four times a day I say, “Well, that’s it… he’s cracked a rib!” It’s actually pretty bruised at this point which is kind of funny! I can barely put on a bra my rib, it’s so tender. He’s a strong little guy, and I love him for it.

How have you managed the symptoms?

I move around a lot! I probably need to slow down more, but I’m terrible at it… I’d much rather buzz around the house. Also, he snuggles waaay up in my ribs when I sit down for too long so I’d rather be up getting things done!

Any fun symptoms?

It’s so fun to feel him move literally ALL DAY. He wakes me up most mornings like clockwork with hiccups around 4:45 am. I honestly look forward to it and can’t wait to see him with hiccups when he’s here!

Third trimester favorite memory?

Oh my gosh, so many! It’s truly been a hysterical couple of months. We are a comedy of errors over here. BUT, this is definitely one of my favorite memories, maybe of all time.

Before I wrap up this post, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to say thank you.

Thank you for loving us so well through all of our different seasons, including this one. Thank you for showing up daily and genuinely being in our corner. Your kindness, prayers, thoughtfulness, and encouragement never cease to amaze me. I’m constantly learning so much from your friendship, and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for all the ways you’ve made me better.



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  1. So over the moon happy for you and your growing family. Currently in my first trimester myself and have been loving following along your journey! Best wishes xo

  2. So excited for you!!! I’m currently pregnant with my first (also a little boy!) and having contractions currently questioning… is this it?! Such a blessed time! Also, it sounds like our guys are going to be soccer stars together someday with the practice they’ve had at trying to kick our ribs out of socket!

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