Batiste Dry Shampoo via Ashley Brooke Designs


Today’s Primping with ABD post is all about Batiste Dry Shampoo, and it’s magical powers. If you are not already on the Dry Shampoo Train, you need to get yourself on it ASAP! I am not even joking, this stuff is amazing. I wash my hair just about every day (except for the weekends) because I get all sweaty from the gym, and me not washing my hair isn’t really an option. But on the weekend, I live by Batiste! I have tried so many different brands and I have liked them, but not nearly as much as this one. My hair is extremely fine and thick so I have to be careful what I put in it; also, because I am so blonde, I never want my hair to look dull or “dusty”… and Batiste comes through each and every time! I love it so much that I even use it on hair washing days, because it keeps the volume in my hair throughout a long day, which is a miracle. If you don’t have Batiste on your vanity, you are going to need to make that happen ASAP. Dry Shampoo copy




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  1. I haven’t seen this brand! Definitely going to try this out. I’m with you – have to wash my hair every day during the week especially – but this could be perfect on a lazy Sunday! Thanks!

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