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The Three MUST Haves!

I often get asked what my top three favorite beauty essentials are and so I thought I would share them with you! To be completely transparent I started using all of these things just in the past year or so, but I have COMPLETELY and utterly fallen in love with them. And all three of these things I have purchased and re-purchased, so I pinky promise these are really really good!

ABD “Flashy Ways” Pouch

Okay, let’s get started, my top 3 beauty must haves:

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GoSmile Whitening System 

I love these little whitening sticks, they are AMAZING. I see a noticeable difference after just 20 minutes, I’m SO serious. So much so that my husband asked me to order him some too he was so impressed! A lot of times I will do one stick while I am getting ready for a night out, it takes only 20 minutes and there is nothing to it. All you do is rub the solution on your teeth, wait, and brush! I am telling you, if you drink coffee or red wine, these will change your life!

 Ashley Brooke Designs - Beauty Essentials


Fresh Lip Polish

 I am such a fan of bright, super pigmented, and matt lipstick, but to wear such colors and textures your lips have to be really smooth. I unfortunately did not inherit smooth lips and my tend to crack often, but once I started using this lip scrub a few months ago I haven’t had to worry about it at all! I do the scrub 2-4 times a week or right before I am about to put a bright lipstick on and it works every time! I keep mine in the shower so I don’t forget to scrub… I’m telling you it’s the best. 

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NeuLash Lengthening Serum 

I have naturally very short and very blonde lashes and since I have been using this serum, I can even tell you how many times I have been asked by girlfriends (and even my own mother!) if I am wearing false eyelashes!! It took a month or two for me to be able to tell a real difference, but after they doubled in length (not even kidding) I became a believer. I use it about every other night or so before bed and have never been so happy with a beauty product! If you do not have this in your beauty drawer, this is the first thing you need to start with! 

So there you have it! If you invest in any beauty products this year I would HIGHLY recommend these three, and if you get them, you’ll have to keep me updated on how they work for you… I’d love to know! 



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