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Rosie Jane is my new favorite, and today I am going to tell you ALL about it! 

I’ve been on a big “all – natural” skin care and beauty routine kick recently; I even got into the essential oils (I know, who am I?!)! A few weeks ago I was introduced to By Rosie Jane, and I instantly fell in love. Not only is her branding on point, but so are her products! 

I know I have said this like 1,000,000 times, but I am super picky about perfume, and really, just cosmetics in general. That being said, I am always surprised when I come across something I like. Most scents give me a headache, so I jump for joy when I find a brand that doesn’t, and Rosie Jane, you are it!


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My favorite of her two scents is the Leila Lou: super fresh, floral-y, and clean. All my favorite! Plus, I love that Rosie’s products are small enough to slip into my travel zip pouch and hit the road! Nothing like being in a hotel room getting all gussied up for a fancy dinner out and realizing that you didn’t pack any perfume!! THE. WORST. I now keep one of these little roll-on bottles with me at all times. 


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Also, my love for cheek and lip stain lives on! I know this color looks aggressive, but I pinky promise it goes on sheer with a tiny tint of pink. You will love it! 

If you haven’t already, you need to hop on over to By Rosie Jane and pick yourself up something fancy! 

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  1. I just bought the roller one. I’ve been looking to clean up my whole beauty routine so I was excited about this 🙂

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