coconut oil via Ashley Brooke Designs

For my 3rd installment of “Primping with ABD”, I thought I would share with you my secret weapon: coconut oil. A few months ago, one of my besties told me about her obsession with coconut oil, and to be honest, I thought she was NUTS. Seriously, I gave her the hardest time! But then, I tried it. And I am pretty much NEVER going back to lotion or shaving cream ever again. I am commited to smelling like a Pina Colada until I am 102 years old. If you are anything like me, someone needs to tell you, “Yea, so what if you use coconut oil to pop your popcorn? Now you are going to shave your legs with it, and you will be fine. Actually, more than fine. you will look like a Disney Princess.” So there you go… secret’s out! Also, just as a fair warning, your shower will be SLIPPERY, like REALLY SLIPPERY…. be careful! Stay shiny, friends! xo

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