Let’s Do The Twist!

For today’s Primping with ABD post, I wanted to share with you a little curling tutorial. I have been getting a lot of questions in regards to my hair–how I curl it & style it, which is super sweet and really hilarious because Lord knows I do it differently every single time, depending on how much time I have + what the weather is like. Also, this is really quite funny because I pinky promise that the photos that you are seeing of my hair are taken quite literally RIGHT after I finished doing it, because let’s be real”¦ as soon as I walk outside in the Florida humidity, it’s over. Curl is gone and all that is left is a slightly wavy look that has been over hairspray-ed! Ha! Anyways, come late October, my hair will look like this for more than like 30 minutes. Did I mention I love Fall?

J.Crew Striped Tee // Julep Red Lipstick in “stepping out” //  Olive + Piper Earrings // Chi 1.5″ Curling Iron // Kenra Blow Dry Spray // Batiste Dry Shampoo // Big Sexy Hair Spray in “Spray & Stay” // Birchbox Teasing Brush

Okay, so”¦ here we go!

Hair-Curling-Tutorial 1

Step one: I blow dry my wet hair after applying Kenra Blow Dry Spray (I swear by this stuff!) and dry shampoo; this gives my very fine hair a little texture, just what I need.


Step two: I section my hair and curl it in large chunks AWAY from my face. Once I hit the back of my head I switch and start to curl the opposite direction.

Ashley Brooke Designs - Hair 4

Step three: I then take another section (around the crown of my head) and do the same thing, to give it a little extra “umph”!

Hair-Curling-Tutorial 3

Step four: I then break up the curls with my fingers by lightly brushing them through my hair.

Hair-Curling-Tutorial 5

Step five: Lastly I tease!! I take the front pieces of my hair and tease them and spray.

Hair-Curling-Tutorial 6

Step six: I then plaster it down with hairspray and prayyyyy that it doesn’t rain.


Also, good news! This takes a whole 15 minutes to accomplish, because let’s be real–messy is in!


Let me know if you try it or have any other great tips I missed! Like I’ve said before, I am by no means an expert. This is just what works for my hair!



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  1. Love this! Perfect for a day when productivity is a must and running out the door comes sooner than later. Crossing my fingers the Florida weather is kind to my hair once I try it!

  2. This is great. Easy and straightforward. I always get a really big kink in my hair where the clamp of the curling iron clamps down. Do you know how I can avoid that?

  3. I absolutely LOVE this!! You have the most gaw-geous hair at. all. times. and I’ve been dying to know your secret tools and techniques! Thank you so much for sharing your tips!! One of my favorite posts so far!!

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