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I love these Primping with ABD posts; they are one of my favorite columns, mostly because I am a beauty product junkie!

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Growing up, I had fairly bad acne, so I became really good (at really young age) at learning what would work for my skin and what wouldn’t. During those days is when I learned how to apply makeup, because OMG skin issues and makeup are a horrible combination if done improperly, so I honestly think that’s when my love for beauty products, makeup tutorials, and books (oh my gosh, I have so many beauty books) evolved. And also when I became SUPER picky about what I put on my skin because… IT. MATTERED. 


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I am now so thankful for those days, because I know as I get older, that pickiness will pay off. Well, at least I hope so. Or that is just what my mom keeps telling me! Ha! 


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That whole long winded story brings me to Herbivore Botanicals! I was introduced to HB a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised when I fell in love with their products AND their packaging. Wow it is so pretty!

The three products that I have tried so far I have really loved, but the Coco Rose Body Polish is HANDS DOWN my favorite thing ever. You know my obsession with coconut oil runs deep (I use it every single day), so this magicalness just changed everything


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I mentioned a few weeks ago my obsession with Herbivore’s Blue Tansy Face Mask as part of my top 5 Favorite Face Masks; so really, you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t hop to it & #treatyoself to a little beauty fix from Herbivore!


If you haven’t yet tried Herbivore Botanicals, you need too! Their products are simple, beautiful, and they don’t break the bank–all things I love when it comes to beauty! 


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