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Okay, so for today’s “Primping with ABD” post, I thought I would chat about one of my favorite things ever. High Brow by Benefit. Oh my gosh this stuff is magical! It instantly gives your brows a “lift” when applied under the arch and over the arch; also it makes your eyes looks bigger (hello Zooey Deschanel!) when applied in the insides of your eyes. I will not, cannot, refuse to go anywhere without this stuff. It’s right up there with toothpaste in the hierarchy of things. If this isn’t on your face right now, it needs to be on your Christmas list.

High Brow



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  1. Amen sista , It does lift your eyes ! With the holidays trying to get everything done we get less sleep work more . Now is the time you will not be disappointed . Plus you do not need to be a makeup artist to apply . That’s a plus in my book ! Go treat yo self !!

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