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Happy Wednesday, friends!! Okay, so for today’s “Primping with ABD“ post, I wanted to share with you my blowout secret weapon, Kenra Blow-Dry Spray. Here’s the deal: this stuff is magical. I was a skeptic at first when my hair stylist told me about it, and then I took it home and tried it, WOW!! It literally cuts my blow drying time by a lot! And if you are like me and HAVE to wash your hair every day, then this spray is going to be your new bff! After I get out of the shower and comb my hair, I spray it in! Then I do my make-up, etc. and when I go to blow dry my hair, I’m done in under 5 minutes (not including styling, of course!)! Also, this helps with protecting your hair from the humidity and other elements, which is super duper helpful in Florida! So when I say meet your new bff, I’m 100% serious!



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  1. Love the other Kendra hair products and will have to give this one a try. I am up for anything that will cut down on the morning bathroom time!!

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