Upping My Lash Game

Today I wanted to talk about lashes, my favorite! I have always, ALWAYS been a fan of super long, thick eyelashes, but let’s be real… what girl isn’t?! About two months ago I finally gave in and purchased a lash lengthener serum; after much research and debate I landed on neuLASH. You can get it at Nordstrom (aka you don’t need a prescription!), and from the reviews I read, the price seemed doable since the bottle apparently lasts forever. All things I like to hear, so I bought it! 



Let me just tell you that I was super skeptical but reaaaaaaally excited–the promise of longer lashes made me giddy! To say I became a little obsessed would be a complete understatement. I every morning I would get up and examine my lashes to see if they had grown even the tiniest little bit; to be fair, I thought they were getting longer and thicker, but I wasn’t sure since I felt like I was mostly just willing them to grow. 

A few weeks into my new nightly regiment, I really started to see a difference, but again, I was staring at them! It wasn’t until about 6 weeks into using neuLASH when my mom stopped me mid sentence and said, “Wait! When did your eyelashes get so long?!” I not so secretly jumped for joy and kept saying over and over “You noticed, it’s working, it’s really, really working!!” 


I just had to share with you my new found obsession that really, really works! If I were you, I would stop what I was doing right now and treat myself to longer lashes!



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