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OMG have you guys heard about Scentbird yet?! Well, I am getting ready to change your life, so you just get ready! 

Scentbird is a perfume subscription company (I know what you’re thinking: “Subscription? Nope.” but trust me on this one!) that allows you to literally “date” perfumes before “marrying” them. I know…genius! Each little bottle is a 30 day supply of perfume, so you can decide if A. “YES! I have to add this to my perfume collection”, B. “No, after a month, that’s all I can take!” OR C. “Give me all the scents!! Let’s try something new next month!” It’s kind of amazing.

Like I’ve said 1 zillion times, I am crazy picky about perfumes, candles, scents of any kind in general; for some reason, if they aren’t exactly quite right, I get an INSTANT headache–one of those headaches that you have to sleep off. It’s the worst! So I am very careful when it comes to new perfume, but being the girly girl that I am, I love it all and want it all, and Scentbird makes that happen and it’s magical!


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One of my favorite things about Scentbird is that they walk you through a “Scent Profile” so that you are given choices that you will most likely enjoy! I am more of a light-floral-citrus girl–the oaky smells make my eyeballs hurt. So I have to tell you that I was INCREDIBLY impressed that both of these scents that I chose from the selection they gave me I really, REALLY like! It’s crazy. That kind of never happens. Also, to be completely transparent, I had never smelled either of these scents before, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I love them both!


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Another plus about Scentbird is that they come in these nifty travel proof cases! Since we are traveling more and more these days, I am ALL about travel friendly beauty products!

As fun treat, Scentbird is giving you, my favorite peeps, 15% off your first perfume purchase!! I know… like it could get ANY better. Use the code: ABD15 


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In Partnership with Scentbird.



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