Ashley Brooke Designs - The Perfect Cat Eye 4


The Best Eyeliner for Perfecting the “Cat Eye” 

 Today I wanted to share with you my new best friend, Julep’s Fluid Eye Glider. It’s like a magic. Here’s the story: a few months ago, I got this box of goodies from our friends over at Julep and fell in love with almost everything, but for some reason I didn’t even see this eyeline in the box until I accidentally grabbed it instead of my go-to liner and packed it in my travel bag. Needless to say, I was irritated when I woke up in NYC without my proper liner, and was a bit worried about swapping liners without testing first, but I didn’t have an option. As you can see… I have now ditched my old liner in lieu of this one. HELLO PERFECT CATEYE. 

Ashley Brooke Designs - The Perfect Cat Eye

This liner is super easy to use, doesn’t smudge, and dries extra fast! Also, bonus–it lasts all day!! If you are looking for the best liner to start perfecting your cat eye, look no further! 


Ashley Brooke Designs - The Perfect Cat Eye


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Get the look:


Ashley Brooke Designs - The Perfect Cat Eye



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