The perfect light pink nail polish via Ashley Brooke DesignsI thought I would mix it up this week and throw in a fun and Spring-y Primping with ABD post for you. Next week I’ll be back with the Styled Posts… so don’t you worry! Today I wanted to share with you my top three favorite light pink nail polishes. Now, this may sound ridiculous, but finding the perfect light pink nail polish is a struggle. It’s either too off white, too pink, too sheer, too thick…I mean, honestly. I did a little research for you and I found my top three, and they all just so happened to be Essie, which is funny because, as you know… I’m an OPI girl! Drum roll please: Mademoiselle, Hi Maintenance, and Muchi, Muchi. And my favorite one of all is Hi Maintenance, for obvious reasons. Ha!

Essie - Hi Maintenance


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  1. Two other great Essie light pinks are: Angel Food and Fiji! What are your favorite hot pink polishes? I’m still on the hunt for that one 😛

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