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Bright Eyes!

Today’s Primping with ABD post is all about the eyes. I am going to be honest with you, I have just recently started seriously using under-eye cream. I don’t really know what took me so long besides the fact that after all the serums, lotions, and potions I already put on my face it just felt like one extra set that wasn’t quite necessary, until that is, I met Tula Eye Cream. And now, I am firmly on team eye cream!  (You may remember my love affair with the Tula Cleanser and Mask)

We all stay up waaaay too late, work waaaay too hard, and stress out waaaay too much, so I’m thinking that this eye cream solves one of the major issues that this brings…sad eyes. You know the ones, they are a bit puffy, dull, and there are definite circles. But friends… not any more! I pinky promise this stuff works and it smells yummy too! Now all you need to worry about is actually getting more sleep and drinking more water, but just in case you stay up past your bed time and forget to down that 8th cup of water, you will at least still look like a fairy princess with your glowy skin.

You can consider this blog post a gift from me to you, Tula is your new best friend!! 

And Bonus! If you use the code ABD25, you’ll get 25% + free shipping PLUS be entered to win a collection of my very favorites! (up to a $200 value)

Eek! I’m so excited for you to get your hands on some Tula products!



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Ashley Brooke Designs - Tula Eye Cream


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  1. This is good blog post Ashely!
    Have you tried the Kate Somerville eye cream and daily moisturizer? I’d like to hear your reviews and thoughts on it!

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