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 A New Beauty Routine!

I love trying out new skincare; I think it’s important to switch your beauty routine up every once and a while, especially as the seasons change.

Over the past year, my skin has changed quite a bit. I have forever and always had very oily skin and would pretty much NEVER use a moisturizer for fear of it making me break out. I had problematic skin growing up, so I’m super cautious of what I do and don’t put on my face. With that being said, I think mostly due to all of our travels in 2015, my skin has gotten less and less oily (thank you Jesus!), but on the flip side has become very dry at times, which is not fun either! So, I have been trying out new beauty products recently to see what might work best for my “new” (ha!) skin! 

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A few weeks ago a I received a beautiful box of products from Juice Beauty (Gwyneth [yes, we’re on a first name basis] is the new Creative Director for Juice Beauty Makeup!), and I have been trying a few products out for size! First off they smell amazing… and let’s be real, not all beauty products smell good! And secondly, they are organic, which I love. Since you should really have a beauty routine twice a day (am & PM!), I think it is really important to know what you are putting on your skin, so I love that Juice Beauty is organic (which also means you’ve actually heard of 99.9% of the ingredients in every single product. Hallelujah!).

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Also, I feel like over the past couple weeks of my using JB’s products my skin has looked brighter, definitely more moisturized, and not nearly as prone to breakouts! I really love these products so far and can’t WAIT to try the rest of the line. 



Also, can we be real for a second? Did we really think that anything within even a mile of Gwyneth wouldn’t be on point?! Everything that woman touches is golden!

Have you tried Juice Beauty yet??!!


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  1. I came across this old post when I was checking out your blog. My skin has gone from very dry and sensitive to oily and sensitive (quite possibly the worst combination ever). I would love to hear your recommendations for oily skin if you have any. I have tried a few with no success.

    • Hi! I love these products and Tula Skincare! If you search Beauty on the blog you can also find a few of my faves!

  2. I recently decided to switch all of my makeup and skincare products over to stuff that is natural and organic. I’ve been using Juice Beauty’s oil-free moisturizer and I love it! I have combination skin and it hasn’t triggered any breakouts, it has actually helped my skin clear up. I’m looking forward to trying more of their products.

  3. OMG I love juice beauty! I started using the products right before the holidays and I’m obsessed! I have very sensitive skin and the cleansing milk and nutrient moisturizer have worked wonders! I’m glad you’re loving it too!
    -Angela & Amy

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