Here are 10 Quick Tips to get you through the weekend!

1. Turn the cell phone off — completely — during a luncheon
meeting, social function, or on public transportation.
2. Hold the door — whether male or female, hold open a
door you have just passed through for the person behind you.
3. Bring a gift for the hostess — preferably one that doesn‘t require her
to drop everything she is doing.
4. Keep to the right — on the sidewalk, in
5. Say please and thank you — to waiters, flight
attendants, store clerks, cab drivers — the little things go a long way.
6. Circulate at a party or social gathering — whether
hostess or guest, the people, not the food or drink, should be your main

7. Keep food or drink, briefcases or files in your left hand —
keep your right hand free for handshakes.

8. Stamp and address thank you notes in advance — when
you know they will be needed, then fill them out and drop them in the mail after
attending an event or receiving a gift or favor and you’ll be done.
9. Make eye contact and offer a warm smile — in every
situation, this sets people at ease.
10. Be perceptive — survey a situation and always use
your best judgment.
“Now, more than ever, people need to live graciously,”
says Dinyon. “Having
good manners is always in style.”
Courtesy of: Pioneer Thinking

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