I know I never do posts on Saturday but I wanted to share a few fun details + photos from my trip last week to the AmericasMart in Atlanta.  As you can see (above) it was a ton of hard work but we couldn’t have had a better time! We even became close with our “neighbors” (i.e. other booths on our aisle) and Betsy said it felt like leaving camp when we packed everything back into the crate. I had to agree. Who knew we were going to have sad goodbyes at the end of the week?? Also, since I don’t have a brick and mortar shoppe I was all pouty about tearing down what felt like my own little 10×10 shoppe and had to resolve to paint my studio with chalkboard paint and line the walls with paper!


Above are a few detail shots from the booth (yes, if you were wondering we couldn’t keep our hands out of the candy jars… still not sure if having the candy jars set up was a good or bad idea!) and of course our daily “flower shot”. We sported our Emmerson Made flowers each day in the booth.


I just had to put this picture in the post… If you don’t know about Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint you need to know. It was SO much fun, great Southern food P-L-U-S a live Motown band. This girl looooves her some Motown! I left kicking and screaming, I would have stayed till closing time if everyone would have let me!


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