Sometimes the hardest part of the Do’s and Don’ts of babysitting is actually finding a babysitter! Here are some resources to help with that:

  • Friends! Your friends are hands down your best resource for finding a sitter. A great sitter’s talents are often spread through word of mouth so ask around and see who everyone is buzzing about
  • Your church. If you belong to a church, chances are there are people who work in the children’s ministry who have been vetted by the church. I know at my church, childcare volunteers are background checked before they are allowed to work with kids and parents utilize these people because they know they’re getting responsible sitters who often times have already previously interacted with their kids.
  • This is a great website where people looking for babysitting or nanny jobs post a profile with all there information and availability for you to peruse. You can search by zip code and the sitters can elect to pay for a background check and make that known to you on their profile.


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