Blogger Ashley Brooke interviews Rhiannon Bosse for her Desk Obsessed series! |


Rhiannon Bosse

I’m super excited to introduce you to our third Desk Obsessed interview post! Today, we are sitting down with my incredibly talented friend, Rhi, from Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations! Rhi and I go back 100 years when we met at a creative conference where we were both speaking. Rhi and I were roommates and instantly hit it off.

Not only is she CRAZY STUPID TALENTED (like, even Vogue talks about it), but she’s a girl’s girl, and I love that she’s only a phone call away. She even talked me and my mom through putting together my own wedding centerpieces via Facetime. Now if that isn’t a good friend, then I don’t know what is.

I’m so excited I have the honor of featuring her here today! I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I do. 

Blogger Ashley Brooke interviews Rhiannon Bosse for her Desk Obsessed series! |

Rhiannon Bosse

Owner and Designer at Rhiannon Boss Celebrations



Instagram: @rhiannonbosse


The Q+A:

1. Is your desk more OCD organized or a little more chaotic?

Whether my desk is organized or a little more chaotic absolutely depends on the day! Some days it’s a clean slate with only my laptop, notebook, and a glass of water. But then other days like the week of prep before a wedding, you can find cups of cold coffee, stacks of papers, flower petals, or even a pacifier sitting on my desk! I suppose our desk tells the stories of our days and it’s contents ebb and flow much like our lives do which is an interesting concept when you start paying attention to the state of your desk.


2. Coffee or Tea? 

I’m an espresso gal and live for iced lattes but I’ve been going through some health problems and am in the beginning stage of a new lifestyle so I’ve switched to a plant based milk and have been incorporating pea protein smoothies into my diet. It’s not as glamorous as a mug of coffee and the taste is going to take some getting used to but health and self care need to come first these days.

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3. Do you work from home, an office or a shared space?

I’m tremendously blessed to work from home. I have a one and a half year old and it’s always been important to be able to work from home close to my family I also believe this allows me to keep my overhead low which is a plus for running a small business. We built our home in 2011 and in 2014 finished the basement to make it into my 800 square foot studio and office. It’s a lovely space!


4. What’s your go to pen or pencil? 
BIC #2 pencils are my go to. And I usually always write in cursive. 

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5.Are there snacks or treats within arm’s reach of your desk?:

Tying in with my above mention on recently making some health changes, my snack choices are in the process of getting a makeover! What used to be chocolate bars, pastries or salty things like flavored chips is now turning into fresh fruit, raw veggies, and nuts. I’m also trying to get better about eating three to four meals a day AT my kitchen table so I can focus on my food and becoming a more satisfied eater. Working from home for yourself can make it hard to turn off responsibility to focus on nourishing your body but I’m learning how valuable and important this is.



6.What are you listening to at your desk these days? 

If we’re tackling a wedding and designing our team’s music choices range anywhere from John Mayer (Betsi’s favorite) to Jon Bellion (my favorite) or Alicia Keys. Some days we can design for 9 to 10 hours straight so having upbeat music to keep us going when we get weary from being on our feet so long is a must. But on the days where I am at my desk working solo on emails and proposals, I prefer silence so I can stay focused. I’ve been known to talk to myself every now and then too so the silence is helpful when I need to work out an issue and speaking it out loud is my best bet.

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7.What three things on your desk keep you on track and inspired?
 1. I have a small travel sized candle which smells delicious and keeps me calm when it’s lit (I’m transitioning to some oils in a diffuser for better health).
 2. I have a photo of me, my husband, our son and dog taped to the wall about my desk. They are my whole heart and keep me inspired to work with purpose.
 3. I have a small written reminder to get up from my desk each day to greet my husband when he comes in the door. Like physically go hug him and welcome him home so he feels loved.


8. What daily planner (or app!) do you use?

I am a planner by both nature and profession which I know sometimes drives my husband (who is not a planner) a little crazy. While I try my best to use my phone as a planner I must admit I am an old fashioned gal and I love my pencil and planner. I use Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner as Em is a dear friend and I adore her products, I love being able to see everything at once in front of me.

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9.What’s 1 random thing you always have on your desk?

There always seems to be a pacifier of some sort on my desk. Whether it’s one pulled out of my pocket or from my purse, there’s always one floating around (trying to wean a toddler from a pacifier can mean they end up in odd places).


10. What’s your go to resource?

My go to resource has to be some of my closest friends who I know I can facetime or call at a moment’s notice for anything and everything. Whether it’s a pick me up on a tough day or a second set of eyes on a design, it’s reassuring to know that even though I may work alone I never really am alone. And beyond those important connections, I sure love my thesaurus! As a former journalist with two journalism degrees, I’m constantly trying to improve my vocabulary and learn new words. My thesaurus is from high school and sure gets a lot of love over 15 years later.

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End Q&A

Thanks Rhiannon! Desk Obsessed is a regular feature on my blog and a great way to get to know other creatives and designers. I hope you enjoyed it and check back next week for another interview! 


Ashley Brooke



Check back next week for another interview! 

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