Road Trip Essentials For Toddlers

Everything we need to take it to the open road…

I love the week of July 4th! As you know, we always spend it at my family’s cabin in the mountains, and it’s the best little vacay, although this year it seems like it will be HOT, HOT, HOT! The last road trip we did with Laurens was a few months ago to Charleston and he was such a trooper, but he’s a lot busier these days so I feel like I have to get my act together and plan my road trip essentials for toddlers, from activities to snacks!

road trip essentials for toddlers
where’s waldo? book // school buses // koosh balls // Little Blue Truck book // clear pouches // mess-free board // suction toys // scavenger hunt cards // sippy cup // travel noise machine // snack cups // travel etch-a-sketch // water coloring book // stanley cup // reusable snack bags // sticker activity book // tote bag // puzzle pad // pop it toy // toy straps

We should be good on snacks, I already placed a big Thrive order (here’s my code!), and these are my favorite protein bars. I also made a double batch of these muffins and I’ll hard boil some eggs, make chia seed pudding, cut up some fruit, and of course… make a few large ziplock bags of popcorn!

We keep our cooler (obsessed with this one) with easy access so that we can just grab things and keep going! I’d rather stop somewhere (with these, of course!) for the experience and not because we are starving and desperate. So I’ll do anything to conserve time and keep the hanger at bay.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of our favorite things for road trips… I just get so excited about them! Feels like a full on adventure! So below is a great list road trip essentials for toddlers to keep busy. Once I started researching them I couldn’t stop! Some are full-on necessities and others are fun to have on hand in case counting cows isn’t doing the trick any longer.

Good luck with all your summer adventuring! Let me know where you are headed. xx

Favorite Road Trip Essentials For Toddlers

All the books! Laurens is obsessed with his little board books, so I thought I’d add a few new ones to the rotation. These touch and feel books look super cute, and in case our mood gets the best of us, Grumpy Monkey, ha!

One of the things I really look forward to on road trips is picking out and listening to audio book with Ryan! Last year we listened to this and it was fantastic! I’ve got to find one for this trip.

Cannot survive without our boat and totes! We have the largest ones with the long handles, HIGHLY recommend.

We are in a major toy phase right now so I did pick up this, this, and this and I’ve had them tucked away until the trip that way they are new and exciting!

I also added a few fun finds for older kids: classics like Etch-A-Sketch, Mad Libs, Hidden Pictures, and Where’s Waldo? for car ride fun.

Also, these toy straps are great, I hook toys to them so when they are inevitably tossed, I can find them easily! Of course our snack cups, sippy cups, and bento boxes will be ready to go! And the same for us with our favorite water bottles and coffee thermoses.

And it’s not a road trip without a road trip oversized sweatshirt, in my opinion. Nothing quite like the seat warmer on and the AC at full blast!



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  1. We love Grumpy Monkey in our house! Also wanted to add that when we traveled with our then one year old, we used a rainbow daily pill sorted but filled it with snacks- yogurt drops, puffs, etc.- and it takes them a bit to open each spot so it can elongate the snacking! I bought fancier spinning version for our trip this past February for our almost three year old and found it was great too, but the pill case did the job just as well! Last note- (haha, chatty this morning!) have you seen the Ironic Boat and Totes? There are some pretty ingenious embroidered phrases on them! I’d love a “Mrs. Pacey Witter” B&T after my forever TV love, Pacey Witter from Dawson’s Creek! Anyway, safe travels!!!

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