Ashley Brooke and Venita Aspen talk about their makeup routines

Get Ready With Us!

Guys I’m so excited! My good friend Venita and I are going to go live on Instagram Thursday, August, 6th at 8:30pm to chat about beauty! This is going to be really special. We will be showing you how we put on our everyday makeup…

…using the EXACT same products, in TWO different shades, and I can’t tell you how excited I am.

Last week I was doing my makeup while catching up on stories when I saw Venita use the exact same foundation I had in my hand on her skin, just in a deeper shade… and an idea sparked! Wouldn’t it be fun to share the products that work for both of us with you?!

So I texted her immediately and was like “I have an idea, are you in?!” and she screamed “YES!”

We got on the phone and chatted for over an hour about our favorite products. Next we each went out and bought each other’s “must haves”. Tomorrow night we are going to show you how we use the products and the shade we use the in. Seriously, I can’t wait.

Going Live on Instagram Thursday, August, 6th at 8:30pm

“Beauty Knows NO Boundary” : with Venita Aspen

We are hoping to make this a series and continue to highlight and share beauty brands that we both love. Because there are some really fantastic brands out there doing really special things!

Venita and I have been friends for a few years on Instagram and really bonded in February while in Palm Beach together. She is warm, kind, and beautiful! You will love her as much as I do.

So if you are around tomorrow night, pour yourself a fancy drink and hop on instagram at 8:30 pm EDT for a girls’ night with Venita and me!

Hope you can join!!

Products we’ll be using:

Veil Mineral Primer // Loose Setting Powder (“Translucent”) // Luminous Silk Foundation (A- #4 & V- #14) // Ultra-Longwear Concealer (A- 1N & V – 6N) // Blush (A- Orgasm & V- Dominate) // Contour Duo (A – “Regular”) // Pillow Talk Luxury Eyeshadow Palette // Brow Wiz Mechanical Brow Pencil (A – 2.5 & V- 5) // Brow Gel (A – Taupe & V – Ebony )// Perversion Mascara // Lip Gloss (A – Mythic Red & V – No Regrets) // Lip Liner // Photo Finish Primer Water


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  1. This is such a cute idea! I loved tuning into your Instagram live last night. I listened through my air pods and my husband kept looking at me like I was crazy every time I laughed out loud with yall! lol too fun. I also thought it was so fun learning both of your different techniques for applying makeup! I definitely picked up a few tips. Can’t wait for another makeup session!

  2. Ashley, I am so excited about this! I am a long time follower and love your beauty tips, but I have Indian heritage and my skin tone is closer to Venita’s. I often struggle with how to use products recommended by bloggers with my deeper skin tone. This will be so helpful!

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