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Happy September, Friends!


I apologize that this download is a little tardy this month, but this weekend we took some MUCH needed time off. Honestly, I kind of forgot it was even September! We got sucked into a new Netflix series (more on that later), went on long walks, finished our 1,000 piece puzzle (FINALLY), enjoyed a family BBQ, slowly sipped our coffee each morning, and mostly stayed off our phones.

When I sat down to write today’s post I checked my inbox and had a few e-mails from people looking for the September download, which totally jolted my memory that it was, in fact, September! WHOOPS! Anyway, it’s adorable, and it’s here… even if it’s a few days late! 

I hope this free download makes your days brighter and your tech fancier!


Free September 2018 Download |
Free September 2018 Download |



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