Happy September!! Fall is coming (or so I am told, as it is still very, very hot here in the sunshine state). School is back in session and I have the sudden itch to buy alllll the new office supplies.

This month we are reading The Break-Up Book Club by Wendy Wax. I loved this book! it features the interwoven stories of four book club members. I thought it was so perfect and the parallel storylines reminded me of one of my favorite books of all time: 9 Women 1 Dress. I hope you love The Break-Up Book Club–Happy Reading everyone!


Ashley Brooke

Quick Summary

Jazmin, Judith, Erin, and Sara could not be more different but when they gather together at the carriage house turned bookshop for their book club meetings their differences seem to melt away. Each of them is dealing with unmet expectations and like all of us, some aspects of their lives that aren’t turning out the way they thought they would. With each other, and books, and wine, the four of them begin to navigate new seasons in each of their lives.

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From the editor

I loved this book from page one. This group of women and all of their different stories had me both laughing and crying! Their unexpected friendship and bond was so heartwarming and truly a joy to read.

Ashley Brooke

Every time I read a book with different perspectives or storylines, I always seem to enjoy one above the others. But that wasn’t the case here! Each of these characters brings something different to the table and I loved them all!


I love books about books so of course The Break-Up Book Club was right up my alley! I love the way a book club brought together such different women and gave them common ground to share their lives with each other.


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