Okay so, here’s the deal… I completely understand that sometimes you just need to get out of the house and head down town to a matinee. Personally I think that is perfectly acceptable, especially since there aren’t many people on a Monday afternoon at a movie! But here is what isn’t acceptable (by the way, I am a BIG fan of babies so their fussing bothers me much less than the normal person, just an FYI!!) if your baby starts to fuss more than a quick hush hush can fix, just politely stand up and walk to the back of the theater by the door and see if a little trot does the trick… if not…. take a step outside (although if you are the only one in the theater… let’em fuss all they want!). It’s really not okay to stay seated while your child wails through 20 minutes of the movie.
**This also applies to church!**

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