We Need a System!

Lazy Susan // Wreck Jars // Spice Jars // 3-Tier Shelf // The Home Edit Book // Stacking Clear Bins // Oil Dispensers // Spice Jar Labels // 2-Tier Lazy Susan // Stackable Pantry Bins // Wine Holders // Large Lidded Jars

So if I’m being totally honest, I’m not the most organized person. Well, I mean, my drawers aren’t as organized as I’d like them to be, but my life/my inbox/my work is ORGANIZED. But, like, my pantry needs HELP.

I always think I’m doing really good until I go to my sister’s house and open up her pantry and think to myself “Ashley, you’ve got to get your life together”. Life stuff, I totally have under control, the tupperware cabinet, not so much.

But I will say that as soon as I find a system that works I will stick to it. We actually had our closet redone over the Summer. It used to be the place I hated the most in our home – it was always a mess – but now it’s so organized and tidy even my sister is proud. Ha! So I know a system *works*… but now I just need to get one! ha!

My goal for 2021 is to have an organized pantry and STICK TO IT. Our pantry is very small, only a few shelves, so I really need to maximize the space in a BIG way, especially since I cook so much. Really, ANYTHING has to be better than what I currently have going on. So after doing a little digging and reading The Home Edit book front to back, these are some of the items I’m “adding to cart”.

Are you super organized?! SEND TIPS.


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  1. Bless you and this post! We just bought our first house (the day before everything in our area locked down LOL!) and she is SMALL! Kitchen organization has been a major *thing* this year as we’ve been trying to figure out how to maximize our small spaces and this is super helpful.

  2. This may seem silly, however… I bought clear, matching containers for our pantry and started storing different things in them and didn’t label them. Time went by and I was a little unsure what was what. Were those leftover, dried lasagne noodles oven-ready or regular? Was this orzo or brown rice? You get the idea. So even if you think you’ll remember what is in all those containers, go ahead and label them!

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