Skincare Essential: Vitamin C

The missing piece in my routine!

Over Thanksgiving week a few of my sister-in-laws and I got together for a girls’ lunch. It was so nice to be just us girls. We don’t often get a chance to sneak away together so I always cherish the time we do.

We had lunch on our back porch and just sat in the sunshine for an afternoon of girl talk. Our conversation inevitably transitioned to skincare, our favorite topic! Especially since one of my sister-in-laws is a dermatologist NP. It’s hysterical, as soon as we get her sitting down we are all like “TELL-US-EVERYTHING-YOU-KNOW. On this particular afternoon we were going through our skincare routines and for me she noticed that I wasn’t using vitamin C!

Ashley Brooke's three reasons to love True Botanicals Vitamin C

True Botanicals Vitamin C

Vitamin C dramatically boosts the brightness of skin and bonus (!) it also helps reduce dark spots.


After our conversation I went on the hunt for a great Vitamin C product. I remembered using a brand called True Botanicals at my other sister-in-law’s house this past Fall when (rookie move) I forgot my face wash. I remembered liking it at the time, so I started there.

Favorite Finds

Vitamin C Booster by True Botanicals

True Botanicals

Vitamin C Booster

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Once browsing, I quickly fell in love with the brand and everything it stood for, but I was only looking for Vitamin C… Plus, I wondered if it would be safe to use during pregnancy. To my surprise, they had a Pregnancy Skincare section! And wouldn’t you know it, I spotted vitamin C.

I scooped up the Vitamin C Booster immediately and I’ve been using it every day since (well over a month). I AM HOOKED.

Here’s What I Like About it:

1. My skin is actually brighter and more even when I use it. On days when I’m not in front of a camera, I’ve found myself just dabbing on a bit on concealer and going about my merry way! I really love this. There is nothing better than feeling like your skin is bright and clear. Also, I have some acne scars that I swear it’s lightening – this makes me *very* happy!!

2. NOT an extra step. To be honest I am *so* over a 12-step skincare program and just want products that work. With this product you just shake a bit into a pump or two of night cream/serum and rub it in. No muss, no fuss.

3. I don’t break out. I have extremely sensitive and acne prone skin. I’ve tried other Vitamin C serums over the years and everything has made me break out, that’s honestly why I stopped using them years ago. And I’m happy to say this one hasn’t.

So as you can see, I’m a fan! Ha. Can’t recommend this product enough! Truly a great addition to my skincare routine.


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  1. I definitely want to try the vitamin c booster. I’m unsure of a product to mix with the booster? Do you mind sharing your serum or moisturizer? Thank you!

  2. Ohh I’ll have to try that! I’m also pregnant and noticing the dulling (and breakouts) from not using my usual go-to skincare. Would love to see a pregnancy skincare update of all the products you’re loving! Thanks Ashley!

    • Congratulations, Elizabeth! How exciting!
      Such a great idea, and you will really love this product. I’m with you, I felt like I just looked *dull* all over during my first trimester. I think most of us feel that way!

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