Social Distancing Baby Shower - Lunch Box - by Ashley Brooke

Hopefully this post gives you a few ideas on how you too can safely celebrate your loved ones during this season! And truth be told, I loved the way this party turned out so much that I think post-Covid this is how I’ll be throwing showers! SO. MUCH. FUN.

Throwing a Baby Shower

All the Details on the Sweetest Day

Over the past few months I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how I could logistically throw my sister the baby shower of her dreams. I had originally planned to throw her a shower in May, but of course that wasn’t going to work because of the Stay at Home order, so I had to go to plan B (… more like C, D, and E! ha!).

When the Covid-19 shutdowns began, I was heartbroken by the idea of her not having a baby shower, and wanted her to have a day that felt as special as she is to all of us. To be quite honest with you, she hasn’t had the easiest pregnancy (not even factoring in Covid) and I wanted her to be celebrated. She’s already the best mom. The things she’s had to endure over the last 7 months (I mean, wow guys, if you only knew) for her sweet baby has put her to the tippity top of mom status in my opinion. So all of that to say, I was GOING to throw her a shower… pandemic or not, I was going to find a way to safely make it happen.

Ashley Brooke and Sister Kyla at her social distancing baby shower
Ashley Brooke and Sister Kyla at her social distancing baby shower

My dress: Farm Rio (old, similar here) // Kyla’s Dress: Love Shack Fancy (sold out, similar here)

Garden Party Dresses

I tossed so many ideas around on how to logistically make this shower work, when one night after dinner I was boxing up our leftovers and a light bulb went off in my brain, “BOXES! I’ll box EVERYTHING!”

After doing a few quick Google searches on food grade boxes and chatting with Kyla’s best friend Alissa who was co-hosting with me, I realized we can totally pull off a fancy picnic style baby shower! It was going to require a few spreadsheets and some serious logistics, but it was TOTALLY doable… so we ran with the idea… but the clock was ticking!

Butterfly Stationery

My sister is measuring ahead of schedule AND it’s already 100 degrees outside, so we technically had 3 weeks to make this dream shower come together. So the first thing I did was come out of stationery retirement and dusted off my watercolors to sketch the invitations!

Butterfly baby shower stationery designed by Ashley Brooke
Butterfly baby shower stationery designed by Ashley Brooke

The baby’s nursery has a few butterfly things, so I knew I wanted to incorporate butterflies into her invitations. I love the way these pretty soft-blush and dusty-olive invitations came together. They felt so very feminine and so very Kyla. Also I found a shop on Etsy that sold vintage stamps with a collection of butterflies… because let’s be real here, details are everything! 😉

P.S. For those of you who are new, Ashley Brooke Designs started off as a full service stationery company, many moons ago!

Social distancing baby shower setup with umbrella and chairs

The next project we started on was the logistics of the shower. I was originally going to host the shower in my backyard, but after going over the guest list and realizing we needed more space for social distancing, I felt more comfortable fitting 40+ people in Kyla’s backyard than mine. So we loaded up my dad’s trailer and moved our umbrellas, fans, tables, and chairs to Kyla’s.

It ended up working out perfectly. The invitation told people able to come and go as they pleased between 9-12pm, assuring that not everyone would be there at the same time. Yet also gave those who lingered a place to safely visit or sit in the shade with a good distance between them!


I also kept Kyla under the porch which made a natural and safe boundary for her! Everyone kept their distance while still being able to enjoy chatting about all things baby and see her open gifts! Also, I do think one of the more genius things we did was bring a window A/C unit and set it up on the porch. She had fresh, cold A/C blowing on her the entire time… keeping the pregnant lady cool was of HIGH importance.

Baby shower balloon path
Social distancing baby shower

Brunch Box

The food was the trickiest part about this entire party. First I wanted it to be GOOD homemade food, like I would typically do for a baby shower, but I also wanted people to be comfortable, which meant there would be no “food table”. That’s were the boxes came in. I ordered these adorable to-go boxes and made custom stickers (I made a FREE download of them for you here! Just coordinate the Avery Label numbers that are in each file name and print.) and tied a bow on top. Each guest received a brunch box as soon as they entered the backyard! Absolutely no touching necessary, ha!

Download FREE Brunch Box Stickers & Label Templates Here

Each brunch box included homemade chicken salad, fruit, croissant, cupcake, bottle of water, paper straw, napkin, and utensils… they were a HIT! My dad and Ryan were inside the house packing the boxes as people drove up. We had coolers inside that housed the refrigerated items to ensure that each guest had a fresh box!

baby shower lunch box at social distancing party
brunch box contents at social distancing baby shower

We also offered guests their choice of a “fancy” canned beverage: La Colombe Draft Latte, Ohza mimosas/bellinis, or Spindrift sparkling water! This ensured that everything was completely and utterly safe, i.e. no drink table!

Truthfully, the brunch boxes were a labor of love, but we had so much fun putting them together the night before! We had a sanitized assembly line going and it was a blast. Although, I’m not sure my family will ever let me live down all of the stickers I made and had them punch out and place on boxes, ha! I think everyone will be happy if they don’t see a sticker from me for a long while!

Did the Guests Come and Go or Linger?

But I will say, I thought our guests would just swing in and out, but that really didn’t happen. Most people stayed! They just popped open their brunch box and enjoyed the sunshine while sipping on bellini’s and eating their gluten/dairy free cupcakes, ha!

Edible Butterflies

My very favorite detail of the entire shower was the edible butterfly on the cupcakes. My sister actually ended up making the cupcakes. I begged her not to, but as a former pastry chef she REALLY wanted to make them. So I gave in and let her, but I was in charge of decorating them. After some serious research I found these beautiful edible butterflies on Etsy that mimicked the butterflies I created for her invitations. I knew we HAD to have them.

I’m not joking when I say I told every person I handed a brunch box to, “just wait till you see the cupcake!” They were perfection.

butterfly cupcakes for baby shower by Ashley Brooke
Butterfly cupcakes for baby shower by Ashley Brooke

Center Table

Along with the umbrellas and chairs, we also set up a big round table that housed framed photos of the baby’s nursery! I knew it would be hard for our friends and family to be SO close to the nursery but not allowed inside to actually see it for themselves! So we framed a handful of photos of the nursery, which was such a fun way to invite our guests inside while still being safe outside.

And for the florals, I ended up doing LOTS of pink hydrangea plants! I was worried that pretty floral arrangements would either A) die in the heat instantly or B) not make a big enough statement and just get lost in the back yard… I thought something that felt more natural to the space would be best! I called around to a few nurseries to see if I could special order the last bunch of hydrangeas of the season. I was SO grateful for Tropic Decor in Apopka, FL for helping me source these beautiful blooms. The hydrangeas totally made the shower pop!

Baby shower decor featuring at Kyla's social distancing baby shower

I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am that we were able to pull off this shower. Kyla was GLOWING and felt so celebrated. She never stopped smiling. She even said it was one of the top 5 happiest days of her life… and nothing could have made me happier than hearing her say that. I can’t wait to meet my niece and to see Kyla shine as a mom in just a few short weeks. I am thrilled that I was able to play a tiny part in making her feel as special and treasured as she is to all of us.

Also, I can not wrap this post up without saying that this may have been my “idea”, but I COULD not have pulled it off without the help of Ryan, Alissa (my co-host), and my family. This was truly a group project and one I would not have wanted to do without them, the total dream team.

Ashley Brooke and family at social distancing baby shower for her sister Kyla
Kyla and husband at social distancing baby shower thrown by sister Ashley Brooke


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  1. Hi Ashley:

    Such an amazing post. Thank you so much for all of the detailed advice, links and inspiration.

    Quick question about the balloon walkway. Did you need to fill the balloons with helium or just air? Did you handle the morning of?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Ashley,

    Thank you for this helpful blog! What a beautiful shower! My baby shower is about a month away and we’ll be doing brunch boxes. I don’t know if I’m having a boy or a girl and we are using a sage/willow green for the main color theme of the party. I’m assuming you made the brunch box label yourself! Is there a program you recommend we use that would allow us to change the color or by any chance, would you customize for a fee?

    Thank you in advance for a response.


  3. Love ALL of this!! copying most of it! Can you please tell me the wording on the cupcake box label.

  4. Hi, I have a shower coming up next week! Did people just sit in the chairs in the yard to eat or did they take their food to go? Debating on tables and chairs or just chairs.

  5. The trick to printing the labels is to get them out of the downloads folder and out of the zip into a folder of their own under you normal My Documents folder on your computer. Hope this helps!

    Love all the great ideas in this blog! Thanks for posting.

  6. Hi! We’re doing a baby shower in April and I absolutely love yours!! Where did you get the table cloths with the flower design? So beautiful!

  7. Your shower is beautiful! I am trying to copy everything you did. What size was the ribbon? Did you hot glue it on the box?
    Also what size was the Brunch Box label?

  8. Omg I loved this so much!! You have relived so much stress I was having of trying to throw my sister a bridal shower safely! This is amazing. Are you able to give the links to all the containers and holders you used for the stuff inside that super cute box?
    Thank you so much you are such an amazing sister!!

  9. This is so, so beautiful! Do you happen to remember where you got the food icon images? I would love to use them but in different colors to go with the theme of the shower we are hosting. Thanks!

  10. Hi Ashley!

    I love this shower idea. I’m due this June, and my mom and I have been trying to think of a safe way to celebrate with our friends and family. This is exactly what I’ve been wanting! I’m in northeast FL and am expecting similar weather to what you had if we host an outdoor event. What was the overall budget for the shower? Assuming you said it was for 40 guests?

    All the best,

    • Hi Amanda! I’m so thrilled you love this, and congratulations!!! It was a little under 800, but I made a lot of things myself and had the umbrellas, chairs, etc. But you can totally do this!! So excited for you, and I’d love for you to keep me updated on how it turns out! xx

  11. So beautifully done!! Do you have any step by step details on the stickers and labels you put on your boxes and the food items in the boxes? 🙂

  12. This is absolutely amazing and so so helpful!! Quick question, did you make the brunch box templet yourself?If so, what did you use? I was looking to change the boarder to gold.

  13. Hi Ashley. I found your blog a month ago and I am so glad I did. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️. I used all your ideas with small updates to fit my needs. Because of you I gave my sister a dream baby shower. You are such talented and a perfectionist. The moment I read your blog I said that it and went with it.
    I am so grateful for you.
    Thanks again for the details and links making it available.

  14. Loved your ideas!! We bought almost everything you linked. We can’t seem to find the circle labels in white like you had, I can only find them in brown…any tips on where you got yours?

  15. I am so happy to have found this! You are an amazing sister and did such a beautiful job on her shower!!! I am pregnant and my sister told me she wanted to plan my shower just about the same day I found this. When I read the details of this stunning shower and the obvious care you have for your sister, I cried! I sent this to my sister and told her this is what I would call the perfect baby shower. So, she is running with it. Thank you for sharing your ideas and the love you have for your sister. You did such an amazing job and created a gorgeous shower!

  16. Such an amazing shower!! Just threw one for my sister and we used the brunch box idea – thank you SO MUCH!

  17. I so love your shower ideas! This is a weird question, but how did you handle guests who needed to use the restroom? Most of our guests will need to travel at least an hour, and will surely need to use the restroom at some point. We would like to keep guests out of the home, and yet will need a sanitized place for them to use the restroom.

  18. I absolutely love and adored this! I’m hosting a distant baby shower in two weeks – there needs to be more blogs about these kind of parties and not silly parades 😀

    I was wondering if you had more “icons,” assuming you designed the Croissant, Fruit, etc. outlines?! We’re doing similar brunch, but not necessarily chicken salad, but I wanted to be cohesive with the design 🙂

  19. This is absolute perfection!!! What a beautiful family! My daughter in-law will be having twin girls late January and I am trying to figure out how to have a socially distanced shower. I have not been out and about myself, so this is tricky inviting people over. I like the assigning times to show up idea. The brunch box idea is genius and yummy! I will be trying out most of your fabulous ideas. We are on Long Island so it should be sooner than later with the weather. Will probably have to get heaters. You are a wonderful sister and I’m sure your sister is well deserving of such love. God bless your new little niece always!

  20. What an amazing party! Everything looked so beautiful and fancy! I have been looking for ideas to do some Covid friendly office party ideas. I will be using you for inspiration. Thank you!

  21. Hands down the most helpful blog I have ever seen! It’s stressful trying to plan a shower right now and this is extremely helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to put it together. Your sister is lucky to have you and beautiful 🙂 All the best.

  22. Hi Ashley, My sincere thank you for posting this blog! I hosted a baby shower this past weekend for my daughter and
    I followed the post to a T! The product links, the invitation wording, the stickers, the templates ….all so helpful! It couldn’t have been any easier! We had a poolside backyard picnic, with lots of umbrellas! We served the same food, but with recipes I had already and homemade cupcakes as well. All the drinks were skinny cans of Babe Rose and Babe Grigio and flavored Perrier and such. Everyone loved the picnic boxes and you are right I think this is how I should host all my parties in the future. I was finally able to visit with all my guests instead of running around refilling tables of food and such. Anyhow, I just really wanted to let you know how helpful your post was in figuring out how to have this once in a lifetime event during this time. So again, thank you so much!! Best wishes to you.

  23. Your baby shower looks so beautiful!! You did a great job!! I’m attempting a baby shower for my niece this October! Praying for nice fall weather! My question is did you make the chicken salad or did you buy it? If you made it-could I please have the recipe?
    Possibly cupcake too?? Thank you!!❤️

  24. Thank you so much for this awesome post! My daughter’s shower is in a couple weeks and we are using some of the same ideas. Thoughts on what to put on the box if its at 2pm ? Feel like I cant put brunch box but its so cute!!! We are having the same food items. Thanks again and congrats on the addition to the family!!

  25. This was a wonderful idea. I loved how you described the logistics, it is helping so much in planing my friend’s baby shower.
    Thank you

  26. I am throwing a shower in a few weeks and am stealing so many of these adorable ideas. Thank you! The only thing that’s been hard for me is figuring out the umbrellas. They are expensive to rent and I don’t really want to buy and store 6 umbrellas. Any ideas?? Did you purchase all of yours or rent?

  27. Thank you for inspiring me to co-host a baby shower for my daughter next month in a safe and lovely way! Did you have any favors for the guests? Not sure about that… so sweet just as it is! Thoughts?

  28. Hi! This is very helpful. I’m planning a similar boy baby shower in September. What did you attach the balloons to, to stick them in the ground? Are they just tied on?

  29. My daughter’s mother in law, my younger daughter and I are hostessing her shower in a few weeks. We’re having an Open House Shower – outdoors. Food will be individually dished out ahead of time. I already wrapped the silverware with napkins, secured with a pink (she’s having a girl) bow. We’ll do our best to keep everyone safe!

  30. So perfect! Every single detail!! So impressed! I want to replicate the box lunch idea for my daughter’s baby blessing.

    My biggest question is do you have a template to make the stickers? Did you just use Microsoft word? Curious how you had the colored border on the chicken salad and fruit cup stickers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank yiu!

  31. Hi Ashley, my daughter is expecting her first child in March. I was thinking January would be the best time to have her shower. Unfortunately, that means the weather will be too cold for an outdoor event. Any ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated!

    • Ah! How exciting!! If you are wanting to go BIG, maybe renting a tent with warmers?! If you are thinking smaller, you could do a small gathering at home, or renting out an room in a restaurant!

  32. This is the cutest! I am throwing my sister a baby shower in 2 weeks and was trying to find a cute way to serve pre-packaged food. So happy that I came across your blog post. How did you design the stickers? We are having wraps, paninis, fruit salad, potato salad and a pasta salad.

    • Yay! I am so glad, I’m thrilled it was helpful for you. I just made the stickers in photoshop and printed them on my computer. I used full sheet sticker paper! Good luck with everything, I know it will be a huge success!

  33. Ashley,

    Such a beautiful shower! Absolutely perfect. Thanks for sharing.
    I was wondering if you could offer any advice on invitations for a similar shower? Did you let guests know that social distancing would apply ahead of time? I’m worried about guests coming and trying to come in for hugs, etc. as I know not everyone around where I live takes social distancing seriously on a regular basis. If you can share any ideas or insight that would be so great! Thanks!

    • Hi Ayssa!

      Yes, I made the invitations myself, but I added a smaller card in the invitation that had all the details and precautions. I’d definitely recommend an insert card like that. It will make both you and your guests feel more comfortable! xx

  34. Thank you for taking the stress out of my planning a baby shower for my daughter during Social Distancing times. I am using most all your suggestions for our Outdoor terrace gathering!

    Question: Did you use a cupcake insert inside your cupcake box? If not, what did you use to secure them?

  35. Ashley, I’m so thankful I found your post. I’m hosting a come and go baby shower at my outdoor kitchen area around my pool and will follow your wonderful advise. I do have a couple of questions, if you could respond when you have time.
    What size are the boxes and All the containers. I’m serving exactly as you did.
    On the drink, did you put water in each box and close with ribbon? How did you provide the can Alcohol drinks to the guest?
    Where did you purchase the invitations?
    And the sheets of adhesive, do you need something else to print or is it just the computer? Sorry, for so many questions but I’m almost 60 and giving this alone for my niece. Sometimes, computer things scare me ! Lol

    • Hi Kathy!

      Oh my gosh, you are so sweet to do this for your niece. You’ve got this!

      1. The boxes and serving containers are the exact ones linked
      9-1/2″ Length x 5″ Width x 5″ Height
      6 oz containers
      Glassine Waxed Paper Bags 5.5×7.75
      4x4x2.5 cupcake boxes

      2. Each box had a little bottle of water.

      3. We had coolers inside the house with the alcoholic drinks, and we served those when the guests arrived.

      4. I made the invitations myself.

      5. I just printed the labels off with my printer here!

      Hopefully that’s helpful!

      xo – Ashley Brooke

  36. Love this so much! Hosting a shower next weekend. What did you use to put the balloons in the grass?

    • My bother in law had some wood scraps laying around, so we just hammered those into the grass and taped balloons to them! I be it would work with paint sticks!

  37. Thank you and God Bless you for sharing. I have a high school senior and wondered how to throw a safe graduation party. This is the answer!

  38. This is just amazing! The thoughtfulness and detail you put into this! I think there’s no better baby shower than this one 🙂 can I fly you in when I have mine one day haha :D?

    xx Sally

  39. Everything was so beautiful! Your sister is lucky to have such a thoughtful and talented sister. Best of luck to your sister and her husband.

  40. Ashley, this is absolutely incredible. What a kind sister you are! So happy your sister is doing well after having a hard pregnancy so far. She is in my thoughts these next few weeks and when she has her baby!

  41. This post is SO HELPFUL – you did an amazing job and have so many great ideas on how to make this work! My best friend is due in a couple of months so working on how we can make her day special! Love the butterfly theme too 🙂

  42. I love EVERYTHING about this beautiful shower! So many fun details!
    You have a great writing style – I really enjoy your articles. I felt like I attended the shower!
    Blessings to you sister and brother-in-law!

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