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It’s Time To Treat Yo’Self!

Who’s ready for some time off?! *waves hands in air* I’m sure I’m not the only one who is looking forward to a little down time between Christmas and New Year’s.

Ryan and I haven’t decided quite yet if we will be taking the full two weeks off (gosh… how could I even leave you for that long?). Right now I’m thinking the week between the 25th-1st will be quiet on the blog. I’ll be breaking the hard news to my computer that we need to “see other people”, and honestly, just thinking about it makes me so excited!

I love this space on the internet more and more each day, but by the time the last few weeks in December roll around my brain is like mush.  It feels like everyone collectively takes a giant breath on the 24th with the realization that rest is near.

And with that impending vacation (or staycation in our case), I thought I would recommend you (and me!) a few treat yo’self items to set yourself up for time off success! All of these things will get here by the 24th, which means on the 26th you will be poised for FULL-on vacation mode!


Plaid Pajamas worn by Ashley Brooke on
Plaid Pajamas @ashleybrooke on

Holiday Reading:

One Day In December

One of the things I make sure I always have during Christmas break is a new book, and this is the one you need to get. Guuuuuyyyyysss, I cheated and started this one early (so clearly I’m going to need to find a new one), but if you haven’t bought this book, do. it. Seriously, I’m so into it. It’s a Nora Ephron-esque novel set in London.  I promise you will fall in love with the characters and their stories from page one. If you do one thing for yourself, get this book. It will force you to sit by the fire and relax. 

Also, just as an FYI I’m only on Chapter 27 so I have a ways to go, but so far, it really is just so good. Most definitely making my top reads in 2018 list. 

Read Here

Vacation Mode Essentials:

Okay, so now that we are all on the same page for the book, it’s time to get cozy!

…I mean really play up your “vacation” space! Whether you are traveling or staying at home, I’m a firm believer in cute pjs, hot coffee, cozy slippers and a good candle.  These 4 things are by far my favorite at home items, all of which I own and L-O-V-E. 

Festive Pajamas

First up, pjs. I am a pajama all day kind of girl during vacation. I love to wake up, go on a walk, shower, and put on a fresh pair of cozy pjs for the day. Especially when I plan to read all day!

shop (40% off)

Chic Slippers

Slippers…I’m convinced the key to chic and cozy vacation style is the slippers. 😉 Now, these are a total treat, but so worth it! You’ll wear them until May. I love mine and practically live in them. 


Ember Coffee Mug

Have I convinced you yet!? I can not say enough GOOD things about this coffee mug. Just think, you won’t have to get up to re-heat your coffee at that exact moment when your book starts getting good! 

shop  (trust me)

The Best Candle

I’ve pretty much been exclusively burning Lafco candles this year. Their “Ski House” candle is December perfection. It’s definitely a splurge but WELL worth it. 


It’s a good list isn’t it?! Also, if you are wondering, yes… I do travel with my Ember mug. It’s just as crucial as my curling iron. I hope this list reminds you to take a little time for yourself this holiday season to rest, regroup, and refresh!


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