Ashley Brooke wearing a gold heart bracelet from Aurelia Demark

Monogramed Heart Bracelet c/o

Aurelia Demark

I am a jewelry girl through and through. I love jewelry more than clothes, shoes, home decor, you name it. I’d rather have a special piece of jewelry over practically anything else. When I was younger I would spend hours digging through my mom’s jewelry box having her retell all the stories about each piece. Where she got it, what special occasion it was for, etc. The stories that a piece of jewelry holds is priceless and I love that those really special pieces, their stories get passed on and on.

Like the diamond ring my mom now wears on her right hand that was my great grandmother’s. I used to make pie with her and watch her roll out dough with hands that had wore that ring. And every time I see it on my mom I think of her… and her lemon meringue pie. Isn’t is funny how a piece of jewelry can do that?

gold heart bracelet from Aurelia Demark

I recently discovered Aurelia Demark and to say that I fell in love with her line would be an understatement. Aurelia’s entire line are heirlooms in the making. The beautiful craftsmanship, the bespoke pieces, and the monograms make them instant classics and pieces you’ll keep forever.

Gold Heart Bracelet

And my latest piece of jewelry from her collection, the Delicate Heart Bracelet is no exception. From the minute I put it on, I knew I wouldn’t be taking it off!

If you are looking for something *extra* special to mark a moment, a celebration, milestone, or just because you deserve it. I can not recommend Aurelia Demark’s pieces enough.

And in case you are wondering what else I have my eye on, it’s THIS. 😉


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